What the heck is a Flumph ?

flumph (1)I had planed on doing a Frost Wyrm.. And then over the course of the week.. the Flumph happened.  And so here we are. And for many of you the first question is the same. What is a Flumph ?

Well the Flumph can be traced back all the way to the 1st Ed Fiend Folio. And has been in every edition since,  as well as Pathfinder. And will be in the 5E Monster Manual as well ! But what is it ???

Well its a Flumph ..they are jellyfish-like creatures with two long eyestalk, a puckered mouth, and many long tendrils hanging beneath. They are intelligent and can speak common and are ….wait for it…Lawful Good ! Yet, are Helpless if you flip them over. Yes you read that right Helpless.
Created as part of an April Fools joke these guys have turned into the creature that will not go away. And have earned their place for most older gamer as an Iconic creature. They have even managed to make their way into minis and comic strips. Order of the Stick has used them repeatedly . Pathfinder put out a book called Misfit Monsters Redeemed and one of the featured creatures was the Flumph. Pathfinder’s take on the Flumph is that they have come to warn the world of the coming of The Great Old Ones.. Yikes Cthulhu ! On a personal note that is amazing !
So all of that aside, What can a Flumph do other than be cute for a jellyfish that floats and be helpless when flipped over ?  Well If your evil, Probably kill the heck out of you ~! Back in the day It was sporting an AC 0 and doing as much damage with an attack as being hit with a long sword + acid ! Oh and the acid damage would continue for 2D8 Rounds, And only magic could stop that damage! If that was not enough the flumph also had a cloud attack out to 20 radius around it of Revulsion .. Fail  your save and none of your compainions could come within 100 feet of you for a D4 hours! And Flumph are never alone they travel in pairs and packs ! Heck They might even have their own adventuring parties !
PZO9227-FlumphOnGoblinActionThe Pathfinders version of our would be saviors came along, game them the cool ass background story of way they are here in our world. Gave them an Image Face lift.
Toned down their damage they deal and made the cloud more deadly. Now your Sicked from breathing the foul stench of the critters spray.. BUT in addition every creature within 100 feet of you knows your there and double that with scent.. YAY you’re a sickened Monster magnet !  And if that was not encouraging enough to make what ever was attacking it go away.. it sports an AC of 20!

In the upcoming edition it looks that the Flumph has moved to the underdark, They glow and shift colors depending on their mood.  They are telepathic and very wise, and more advanced in man number of subjects. They seek out creatures of good to share thier information with and flee from evil.  Yet for some reason they live near some of the scariest evil creatures around. Mindflayers, aboleths and Gith feeding off their psionic energys. The evil thoughts sicken Flump’s So the Flumph’s are eager to share all the dark secrets they learn in hopes that good parties will kill their food sources, wait what ??? Why don’t they just seek out good Psionic life and be happy and not have tummy aches from hanging out with evil all the time ?
In 5E the amazing AC has been dropped from previous incarnations now to a much more Jellyfish like 12. They still have acid and stench attacks but have been given the ability to be shrouded from Divination and Telepathy. Apparently if your going to feed off all that evil. It’s nice to have a way to get close.

So there you have it. Now you know what the heck Flumph is.

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