Crafting a Dragon

Crafting a Dragon Dice Holder

For a while I have been making cute little Dice Holder Beholders. They were a hit at on Etsy and at conventions where I have vended. They have been fun to make and I have enjoyed making everyone of of them.Since my blog talking about about the cute dice holders, I have begun calling them Dice Buddies. Additionally, I send them with a little adoption certificates and name tags. A big thank you to one of my customers for this idea. Since I started making the dice beholders I now feel that I am ready for crafting something more complex. Something like a cute cuddly awesome dragon dice holder companion! Trust me, if you take a walk through the internet you will find there are a ton of these magnificent creations out there. I am going to join the ranks of my fellow creators bringing them to life as also.

Dragon Dice Holder Research

With the day of the convention rapidly approaching. I decided it is the perfect time to try my hand at making one of these adorable, fun, and intimidating creations. Let’s talk about the way it came together! The fist steps was to build out body shape. After taking some time and looking carefully at the steps of crafting Sculpey Dragon figures. I realized I would need to watch a few Sculpey tutorials. After viewing several I rapidly became less intimidated by the process.

The Build

I used some tinfoil to build a skeleton to wrap my Sculpey around. The reason for this:

  • Keeps the Sculpey thickness consistent for baking times.
  • Provides you with considerably more product to work with.
  • It provides strength to your craft.

After rolling the first bit of Sculpey out and applying it to the skeleton this is the result was a nice Nessie looking body. The rest came together in short order. I surprised myself that the more that I began to work on my Dragon it began to understand how simple its complexity actually was. The things that were intimidating became easier and less stressful to work on as time past. When you look at the finished dragon figures they have much detail to take in. Because of this they look more complex then they are. In reality the Dragons are simply a collection of cones and cylinders. With a few additional pieces added for extra flare.

The Result

Pictured is the finished version of my first Dragon Dice Holder. Overall for the first one that I did I am very proud of the results. As the person that has crafted it I see several errors and mistakes that I need to work on. In future dragons, but I am confident that I will nail them as time goes by. With each one I will get better. Have you seen any other fun looking Sculpey dice holders that you think would be fun to try? Feel free to let me know, I have discovered I enjoy making these things. If you would like one of these creations check out my Etsy store!

The mines of the dreaded Behir

Here is a lovely little side trek for our gamer’s that sure to if run right to be a wild fun game session. Inspired by a silly episode of Scooby doo that I only caught about five minuets of. But sometimes it’s in the brief glimpse of something where we find some of out best inspiration.

All of this will begin in a sleepy little silver mining town called White Hills. A kobold tribe has moved into the upper mines of the region. The miners organised and began to push the kobolds back.
Just when the Little reptiles were nearly rooted out of all of the local caves a Behir showed up and moved into the upper mines. Bringing the chance that the villagers would be able to recover their lost mine all but impossible. Before the town becomes a ghost town they have amassed their resources together and sent request of aid in the form of an adventuring party.

hidden_chronicles_dragon_danceThe players will quickly learn that the kobolds seem to come and go freely in the same cave system that the Behir is said to live in. The Behir is heard from time to time but does not seem to leave the inner cave system. This is all because the Behir is an elaborate ruse. The Kobolds happened upon a Behir carcass and were struck with devious inspiration. They hollowed out the dead beast and draped it in dyed leathers. Then with their love of all things sneaky they tricked this overgrown scarecrow out.
In fact what the player will encounter when they make thier way inside the caves to confront the beast is six kobolds manipulating the Behir Chinese Dragon style ! And a Seventh kobold seated in the head. This is the caster He will use ghost sound to make the Behir seem convincing and Fog or Obscuring mists to make it harder to see through the grand trick before the party.  The six Kobolds will strike  at the players with “Clawed Behir feet” made of dyed leather and hooked blades.  I encourage the DM to ham this up as much as you can. Go big ! The best part about this is the payoff if you are able to fool your players for just a short while before they realize its a scam.
Don’t forget to throw in standard Kobold fare of traps and tricks and some long range sling and spear assistance from the tribe members that are not in the “Behir”.  I leave you with a Image to inspire ! let your mind wander and enjoy the possibility !
If you come up with some other great ideas toss them in the comments ! Thank you and Enjoy !