You might be eaten by a Grue.


When your alone in the dark without light your likely to be eaten by a Grue.

Those iconic words bring us to today’s fun creepy monster! The Darkmantle;




this gliding  octopus like creature with skin between its tentacles and a hide like a stalagmite is a terrifying monster that is rarely seen. As it ready’s to attack its prey it sucks all the light from the room into darkness and then glides down on top of its target and envelopes them head first. Where it begins to devour them with horrid sounds of gurgling as its sharp beak like mouth crushes bone and tears at flesh in the dark.  Few ever live to tell the tale and fewer yet live to witness to what came in the darkness and took their comrades.

Just remember, In the darkness it comes. And if you remain in the dark the Grue will eat well. Seek the Light adventure !

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