Frostport: Winter is Coming Part 2

Inspired by the recent “cold Vortex” !!! Winter is coming is my first mini adventure for the blog. Each day I will post another encounter. These can all be used individually, or tied together for a short adventure. Enjoy!

In the small village of Frostport winter has set in; the southern pass is blocked for the winter and the Blizzards have stopped. But nothing is ever easy in the cold north. Something large came into the village last night and drug a man away. It was large even for the wolf tracks that were found. The players are asked to help hunt this threat and put an end to it for the safety of all.  On the second night it comes again. Leaving a bloody trail and paw prints on the snow white landscape.

Akhlut_by_viergacht (1)The trail leads all the way back to the frozen waters edge.. This is no normal wolf. 

The town is being hunted by an Akhlut.

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