#RPGaDay2016 Day:21 Funniest misinterpretation a rule?

Playing catch up today !  Try and try as I might I could not think of a misinterpretation of a rule in my group that was the funniest. So I am going to alter this question only slightly. To How do you handle misinterpretations of the rules So this now gives me something I can work with! Misinterpretation of the rules happens, honestly far more … Continue reading #RPGaDay2016 Day:21 Funniest misinterpretation a rule?

Homebrew Tech Domain

Today’s Feature comes from an amazing homebrew blogger that I recently came across. And I am now a huge fan of. Walrock Homebrew Go give his Blog a look you will not be disappointed. So as I have slowed down working on my homebrew with the RPGaDay going on I wanted to feature one of Walrocks Homebrew’s that I will be using in my personal game. The Divine Domain … Continue reading Homebrew Tech Domain

Is STORM KING’S THUNDER The Next D&D Storyline?

Seems D&D is prepping to launch their next storyline. On the German storefront Fantasy Welt, a new product has appeared: Storm King’s Thunder, a hardcover book from WotC Read more: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?3414-Is-STORM-KING-S-THUNDER-The-Next-D-D-Storyline#.VzIeL1grK71#ixzz48HGXA166 Now personally I think this is a new version or a retake on Against the Giants. It would seem to follow the trend that the company has been taking thus far. Remake great old product in … Continue reading Is STORM KING’S THUNDER The Next D&D Storyline?

D&D collides with MTG? So that happened today.

So today WoTC did something that may have at the same time thrilled half the gaming world and Terrified the other. They Released a small 38 page PDF of called PLANE SHIFT:ZENDIKAR. Including within was a beautiful world and all that would have any real adventure drooling with anticipation. That’s when the sense of wonder and potential dread begins to creep in. If this is … Continue reading D&D collides with MTG? So that happened today.

Hit Point alternatives

A good take on an alternative to the painful issue that high-level games have in D&D and Pathfinder. Once your players begin stacking up a mountain of HP its gets harder and  harder to keep the players having some level of mortality. AngryGM had a very good article yesterday about coming up with a way to get away from the hit point problem in D&D/Pathfinder. … Continue reading Hit Point alternatives