Vampire Lord Abner A DM Guild Mini Review

Recently I was approached by Jay Holden and was kindly asked if I would give his Climactic Encounter a review that he released on the Dungeon Masters Guild. I was glad to give it a look. With Lord Strad now terrifying game tables everywhere. Why not look at another Vampire Lord and see if we might gain some further inspiration for using Vampires in our games.

Now I know some of you may be saying to yourself right now what the HELL is a Climactic encounter ? Well, it all began back on the Angry GM blog and his Son of the D&D Boss fight 5E. The concept here is the simple fact that most solo boss fights are just plain boring. Your players surround and take down. The fight is static and quickly becomes nothing more than a Hit Point arms race.

The Climactic encounter is a creative way to attempt to correct this that also if done right gives an encounter more of a video game feel. Bosses often become staged encounters, adding depth to the overall encounter.

Vampire Lord Abner is a 6-page Climactic encounter. You get one very well detailed explanation of how Abner will behave in each phase of the encounter. As well as a cool little death scene. The overall Phased encounter is well thought out and makes cinematic as well as climactic sense and should run well in most all cases.

I was only left with one question with this product. In the After Abner section, there is a mention that “The final confrontation with Uri awaits them” I understand this is likely foreshadowing to the author’s next project. But no mention of Uri can be found anywhere in this PDF. Giving us no idea who Uri or why the players had to kill a Vampire Lord before facing him. So it is entirely unneeded.

Overall this is a nice little treat for you to plug into your game that could likely be used in any horror game if you wished or the Curse of Strad storyline with little effort. I am fairly sure that any group will find this as a memorable encounter.

You can pick this encounter up at the DM Guild page HERE.



    • Anything to help, Thank you for asking me to give it a long and being patient as I know it took me longer to get to than I had intended! I am glad that you liked the review! It is a great quality as a writer to look at critique and take it for what it is and not become upset about it!


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