Dog Might Games: The Dragon Tray

Dog Might Games newest Kickstarter launched today only a few hours ago and is already funded. Dog Might brings their creative talents to the task of creating some amazing dice trays. They currently have a selection of 25 trays and there will me more to come.

More details to come from me on the product when I get mine to review in a few more days! After some hands on with this tray, I will scratch up a review and get right back to you with a report on my thoughts of their newest product.

Already I can tell you that I am normally not a fan of static Dice Trays because they are so often plain and take up too much space when stored. Dog Might games caught me by surprise with their answer to both of these issues. These trays are works of art.. worthy of being hung on the wall. So Dog Might decide, WHY NOT HANG THEM ON THE WALL?. well played, well played

Well played, well played…


Check out their Kickstarter and home page Below.

Dog Might Games

STAR TREK ADVENTURES – Living Playtest Sign up begins.


Modiphius has announced that they are preparing to kick off their living playtest. If you are interested in playing in a “Living” space game this is likely going to be right up your ally. I myself have never been to big on Living games. Yet for some unknown reason, the thought of a living game in the Star Trek Universe strikes me not only as a wonderful fit it also excites me.

There is not a lot of details to give at the moment but here is what has been announced.

Our Living Playtest will begin with adventures testing the core mechanics and then will evolve into a playtest campaign where your actions will also inform an ongoing storyline.

By participating in the playtest, you are agreeing to play these adventures to provide feedback on all elements of game play through avenues we provide.

Playtesting will begin in November and will continue through into the Spring, 2017.

Player groups will need to pick a ship assignments from the following ships. U.S.S Lexington – All round experience (TOS era)

  • U.S.S Venture – All round experience (TNG era)
  • U.S.S Thunderchild – Focus on conflict (TNG era)
  • U.S.S Bellerophon – Focus on science and exploration (TNG era)

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Is STORM KING’S THUNDER The Next D&D Storyline?

Seems D&D is prepping to launch their next storyline. On the German storefront Fantasy Welt, a new product has appeared: Storm King’s Thunder, a hardcover book from WotC

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Now personally I think this is a new version or a retake on Against the Giants. It would seem to follow the trend that the company has been taking thus far. Remake great old product in an effort to bridge the gap with new and old players.

Chris Perkins once said that the best part of the Elemental Evil storyline was watching Young and Old players each recount their glory’s in these adventures. I think for some time to come at least one remake a year.

PayPal will No longer Protect Crowdfunding

Well, fellow gamers it seems that the day many of us thought would eventually come has happened. Either Kickstarter was going to get its proverbial shit together and step in to fix its growing issues with unfunded campaigns.. or other agencies would make moves to protect themselves from having to issues refunds and such on failed projects.

PayPal has announced now that they will no very soon no longer issue buyer protection to crowdsourcing campaigns. Ouch! I know many a gamer that as of right now are holding their wallet at the thought that now backing a project has become increasingly riskier.

Here’s PayPal’s full statement regarding the change, via Engadget:

“In Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, United States and certain other countries, we have excluded payments made to crowdfunding campaigns from our buyer protection programs. This is consistent with the risks and uncertainties involved in contributing to crowdfunding campaigns, which do not guarantee a return for the investment made in these types of campaigns. We work with our crowdfunding platform partners to encourage fundraisers to communicate the risks involved in investing in their campaign to donors.”

Additionally, “anything purchased from or an amount paid to a government agency” and “gambling, gaming and/or any other activity with an entry fee and a prize” are no longer eligible for Purchase Protection either.

Kickstarter notes that about 9 percent of its projects never deliver, for example — if the failure rate is similar or worse on those crowdfunding sites that take PayPal, that’s a lot of potential refunds. When you look at just Gaming projects Kickstarter raised more than 76 Million dollars last year on successfully funned projects.  That is a ton of money left on the table. And as of now Pay Pall is done with having to help pick up the pieces.



D&D collides with MTG? So that happened today.

So today WoTC did something that may have at the same time thrilled half the gaming world and Terrified the other. They Released a small 38 page PDF of called PLANE SHIFT:ZENDIKAR. Including within was a beautiful world and all that would have any real adventure drooling with anticipation.

That’s when the sense of wonder and potential dread begins to creep in. If this is widely well received. Might we be on the verge of a D&D cultural shift to MTG worlds in a bid to pull more gamers into the fold from the card flipping hobby?

Might the WoTC be testing the waters to finally forget the Forgotten Realms? Honestly, It might be just the breath of life that the company needs to firmly set it back on top of the industry.

What comes next ? We shall only see.


You can think of Plane Shift: Zendikar as a sort of supplement to The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar, designed to help you take the world details and story seeds contained in that book and turn them into an exciting D&D campaign. The easiest way to approach a D&D campaign set on Zendikar is to use the rules that D&D provides mostly as written: a druid on Zendikar might call on green mana and cast spells like giant growth, but she’s still just a druid in the D&D rules (perhaps casting giant insect).

Plane Shift: Zendikar was made using the fifth edition of the D&D rules. D&D is a flexible rules system designed to model any kind of fantasy world. The D&D magic system doesn’t involve five colors of mana or a ramping-up to your most powerful spells, but the goal isn’t to mirror the experience of playing Magic in your role-playing game. The point is to experience the worlds of Magic in a new way, through the lens of the D&D rules. All you really need is races for the characters, monsters for them to face, and some ideas to build a campaign.

You can read the whole release here.

Playbook For Pathfinder App From Trapdoor Technologies

For some time now having been trying to find its way in the game world since WoTC decided not to continue working with them Trapdoor Tech has been slowly improving their product. Their work has not gone unnoticed and now they have partnered up with pathfinder to bring even more great features to their Application.
Their App can be found @ Trapdoor Technologies

“Playbook will allow players to roll up and manage characters, while Game Masters can purchase and prep adventures and campaigns in the award-winning world of Pathfinder,” says Chris Matney, Managing Director at Trapdoor. “With quick rules lookup, information sharing, stat tracking and more, this is the app roleplaying gamers have been waiting for.” Trapdoor Tech

Up until recently Trapdoor had independently released a version with Pathfinder support under the SRD rules. But now with the  full licences, it opens up many opportunities for both players and GM’s alike.

“We are excited to have Trapdoor join the Paizo family, and we think Playbook for Pathfinder has great potential to improve the game prep and play experience. Streamlining bookkeeping and simplifying rules lookup during play will help gamers get the most out of their time at the table,” said Lisa Stevens, CEO at Paizo.

With this move, it is just one more sign that Paizo is more than comfortable with delving deep into the Tech age where Wizards continues to remain leery of the realm of digital content. Maybe with the growing success of the excellent yet pricey digital platform on Fantasy grounds Wisards will become less gun shy of these formats.

Monte Cook Games Tease Worlds of the Cypher System


So at around 7 PM yesterday Monte Cook Games posted this little teaser with the following comments.

So. . . . wouldn’t it be cool if the Cypher System Rulebook had the same sort of support we’ve given Numenera and The Strange?

Well that would be pretty awesome if that turns out to be the case. Unlikely as it would be that they would tease and then not do anything. As well as Bruce Cordell has tweeted several times that he has been working hard on a new project likely this one.

So will it be worth getting, definitely. One of the only complaints that I have ever encountered about the core rules was that there were not enough worlds offered. This will change that in spades. If it is even half as good as Worlds numberless and strange it will be a wonderful product.

So keep your eyes out for updates in the near future.