Cypher Shadowrun Totems, Fetishes, and Talismans

So here we are again readers Totems, Fetishes and Talismans! The long-awaited adaptation of Shadowrun inspired Foci Magic in the Cypher system. Long awaited, so long awaited one of my awesome gamers took up the task of tackling most of the work. He took the foundations built on the new version of cybernetics found Here and … Continue reading Cypher Shadowrun Totems, Fetishes, and Talismans

D&D collides with MTG? So that happened today.

So today WoTC did something that may have at the same time thrilled half the gaming world and Terrified the other. They Released a small 38 page PDF of called PLANE SHIFT:ZENDIKAR. Including within was a beautiful world and all that would have any real adventure drooling with anticipation. That's when the sense of wonder … Continue reading D&D collides with MTG? So that happened today.

Kickstarter Watch Spellbook Gaming Boxes

Well it looks like I came back to the fold just in time for some awesome Kickstarter news. No sooner do I sit town to take a look at KS and I find these lovely things. Spellbook Gaming Boxes. DAMN. I always seem to be on an eternal quest for the perfect game box. And … Continue reading Kickstarter Watch Spellbook Gaming Boxes

WOTC shutting down All forums.

That's right today Wizards of the Coast announced they will be shutting down of their Forums. Anyone that has any content or wishes to archive anything from the forums has a few days to move because as of October 29 10 AM PT they will shut down their forums and delete them.  You can read … Continue reading WOTC shutting down All forums.

MTG Adventure Generator?

  I recently just saw a fellow blogger write about getting inspiration for adventures from a very odd place. So I just had to try it myself. Well what is this odd place you say. The suggestion was to draw 4 cards at random from MTG (Magic the Gathering) and from there build your plot. … Continue reading MTG Adventure Generator?