#RPGaDay2016 Day:21 Funniest misinterpretation a rule?


Playing catch up today ! 

Try and try as I might I could not think of a misinterpretation of a rule in my group that was the funniest. So I am going to alter this question only slightly. To

How do you handle misinterpretations of the rules

So this now gives me something I can work with! Misinterpretation of the rules happens, honestly far more than most people would want to admit. So how we handle them at our table?

Well often after a good laugh. So many that they all the laughter apparently has blended together into a mush that I can not pick one out from the mass to answer today’s question. After were done with our good laugh we take a look at the rule. Then we try to identify why we misinterpreted it ? Often also discuss if we prefer our interpretation of the rule. If we prefer our interpretation, Bam a new house rule is born !

GOOD NEWS! A funny & Tragic misinterpretation of the rules just came to mind. It was a short time ago in the 5th Ed D&D game that I was running for my group. The game was new and we were enjoying the story I was running … So Far. Then I decided to break all the rules and attempt to kill my entire group of PCs! The best way possible, by misinterpreting the rules.

For some reason I had determined in my mind that spells that were listed as Concentration were able to be cast and stack old school Spell suite style and ONLY when the caster was hit did they need to roll a Concentration check for any active spells the require it. OUCH..
So.. my players faced off with a fully off the rails veteran mage prepared to kill the players.

He had two Weights lurking nearby under invisibility. He had cast fly and was I think I was rolling a flaming sphere around the battlefield. Pretty much full on cheating my poor players. Until someone questioned..”Hey, Its cool and all but how is he stacking concentration spells.”
This was not a funny moment at the time as I felt like a total ass for putting a mage sized can of cheating whoop ass on my players. But for them, it was funny because I still occasionally get ribbed for that error.



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  1. I think a lot of the misinterpretation type answers will come down to stacking spells and effects. I had a player insist that haste type effects stack and as he had a variety of items and different spells that all effectively did the same thing whilst not explicitly being the same spell that they should stack.

    He was blasting around the battle field at x16 normal movement until he took a relatively minor bleeding wound and suddenly he was not so keen on bleeding out at x16 the normal rate!

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