Snap Sites: Silver Linings Bookstore Mini Review

Just Insert Imagination as back at it again. Not long after cranking out their first project Vamonos Pizza they wasted no time and cranked out Silver Linings Books. It's been out now just shy of a week. I had a few hints of what this product was going to look like in advance and I … Continue reading Snap Sites: Silver Linings Bookstore Mini Review

GM’s day Sale Suggestions.

Well, here we are on Monday that 7th. GM's Day sales are in full swing and like me, some of you are finally settling in to decide just what you are thinking about picking up. Well, I had two people ask me for suggestions and what was on my list of things. And since I … Continue reading GM’s day Sale Suggestions.

Review: Snap Sites, Vamonos Pizza

Just Insert Imagination has launched the first in their line of products called Snap Sites. This will be a series of descriptive locations for use in your games "In a Snap". We have seen floor plan products come along over the years. This will not be the first nor the last one that will be … Continue reading Review: Snap Sites, Vamonos Pizza

Mini-Review The Strange: Impossible Vehicles

Impossible Vehicles  Credits Writer/Designer: Bruce R. Cordell Developer: Monte Cook Creative Director: Shanna Germain Editor/Proofreader: Ray Vallese Cover Artist: Matt Stawicki Graphic Designer: Bear Weiter Artists, Grzegorz Pedrycz, Matt Stawicki Monte Cook Games Editorial Board: Scott C. Bourgeois, David Wilson Brown, Eric Coates, Gareth Hodges, Mila Irek, Jeremy Land, Laura Wilkinson, Marina Wold, George Ziets Page Count:8 Cost: 2.99 Get it @DTRPG The Strange Impossible Vehicles weights in … Continue reading Mini-Review The Strange: Impossible Vehicles

Review: Most Glorious Comrade Most Glorious Comrade Author: Eugene Shenderov Cover Design: Charlie Wilcher Publisher: This and That Games A few weeks back Storm-Con wrapped up. It was a great event this year. As always we had a great time and I am already eager to get wrapped deeply into next years con prep. Often we have several game … Continue reading Review: Most Glorious Comrade