Review: Snap Sites, Vamonos Pizza

175230Just Insert Imagination has launched the first in their line of products called Snap Sites. This will be a series of descriptive locations for use in your games “In a Snap”.

We have seen floor plan products come along over the years. This will not be the first nor the last one that will be made anytime soon. So what makes Snap Sites stand out from the crowd?

First it’s the props! Props you say? Yeah, with Vamonos Pizza you get a PDF file that has.

  • A file with info about the pizza place, 8 characters, story twists and a random events table.
  • Player cut out cards of the characters
  • GM cut out cards of the characters
  • Menu
  • 2 vouchers
  • A3 sized map of the shop that can be used a battle map as well.
  • Menu, map, and vouchers saved for online use

That’s right you get the standard Battle Map that most products of this type have. The map is in color, simple and easy to understand. Serving its purpose well. It does not have layers or some of the extra fluff of other map products. But remember with Snap Sites it’s not about having an amazing map. With that out of the way, its the rest of the product just takes center stage providing you with some excellent stuff!

You get this great pizza menu, It’s colorful and exceptionally well made. It might make you wonder if there just might be a local Vamonos Pizza somewhere and that this just might be their menu! If so I will take  a Pancho Villa Grande pizza please with extra cheese! Oh, and I have a Buy One Get one free voucher!

Its things like this that will likely have me use something like this at a convention much like the suggest and just let the players take home the props. Heck, I might be willing to bet if someone were to pass a few of these out at a game con. More than a few con-goers might try to order a pie.

Aside from the cool extras, the product is only 4 pages long. One of these pages being a standard cover page. Page two is a description of the Pizzeria and a “How to” page. The third page provides you with a well-done cast list. Giving you 8 NPC’s and how they are associated with the pizzeria. Each has a portrait and a paragraph or two about their personality and motivations. The last page is a list of random events and a fair number of twists that you could use to make the Pizzeria the center of one or maybe several game sessions.

Runkle’s Ranking.
Well, this product hit me right where I like it to for what it does. The goal of Snap Sites is to give you a place you can plug-in to any game. Give it personality and a few ideas of what “More” could be going on at these locations. Vomonos Pizza hit all these marks with me. I think my Shadowrun group might have a new pizza joint they will be trying out next session. Well done and I think anyone that picks up this product will not be disappointed.

Blank D20 11-14I will give it a 11-14 It is an above average product that you likely will be able to use several times in more than one game with your group. Even when you’re not able to use the location for your game you still have a battle map. overall I am very pleased with the product and This would be one PDF products that I can see myself printing out sheets and handouts for con games to hand out.

If your interested in giving this product a look you can head on over to DTRPG and pick it up by clicking on this link
Snap Sites: Vamonos Pizza

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