Cypher Card Creator! Live.

Well if you have followed my blog for any time at all you know that I have been making cypher and artifacts on cards for a few months now with magic card creator programs. Well now Monte Cook Games has launched their DTPRG  Cypher Card Creator.

Much in the vein of the Pathfinder card creator they have made a card creation program so that you can make your own cyphers and either keep the collection private or put it up for sale. Pretty sweet news for players that have put together their own collection of cards up until now.

The best part is you can print on demand these cards for 25 cents and they will ship you your card to slip it right in your deck! You can also browse other cards and purchase them as well. If you have some cyphers that you would rather not share you still use this program and opt not to share them with the public.

Note that if you make a card it is property of MCG IP so if you make a card and you want to keep them for yourself you are going to need to continue using other programs to make your cards. But if you are fine sharing your idea for a cypher with the world. For a quarter. Then this is a cool little tool for you.

I myself thought it was pretty cool so here ya go. RunklePlaysGames first DTRPG product is now up for sale. If ya like it give me a quarter. I will also gladly take a like and a share or re-tweet or a +1 as well honestly.

My first Cypher can be found HERE

 In my haste I forgot a link to the card creator page you can find it here Custom Card Creator

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