Mini-Review The Strange: Impossible Vehicles

Impossible Vehicles 

Writer/Designer: Bruce R. Cordell
Developer: Monte Cook
Creative Director: Shanna Germain
Editor/Proofreader: Ray Vallese
Cover Artist: Matt Stawicki
Graphic Designer: Bear Weiter
Artists, Grzegorz Pedrycz, Matt Stawicki
Monte Cook Games Editorial Board:
Scott C. Bourgeois, David Wilson Brown,
Eric Coates, Gareth Hodges, Mila Irek, Jeremy Land,
Laura Wilkinson, Marina Wold, George Ziets

Page Count:8 Cost: 2.99 Get it @DTRPG

The Strange Impossible Vehicles weights in at a short eight pages. But in the short product gives us something that many have been wanting for some time in the Strange. Vehicular Combat rules. As with most everything in Cypher System these rules are subtle and simple so that the action remains in the forefront of the game and the rules take a back seat to the role play and action.

After the Vehicular Combat rules and a very nice example of how they work in a brief game play scenario we get into a nice sampling of a of Vehicles in the Strange. All inspired from books and movies as well as TV and comics. They only had four pages to work with, But the space was used well. If you are a lover of Sci-Fi you will be able to make much use of this book.


Much like any other Monte Cook Game when it comes to creatures and items. They lay the ground work and let you run with it. Your given a few examples of some vehicles as a sort of measuring stick for your own inspirations and leave the rest in your capable hands.
The vehicles that they do provide you with are well thought out and detailed.


Man this book is too short. Now that being said it falls in the glimmer and Fractal page count that MCG has been keeping too for some time. The only down side is with only four pages of vehicles fantasy and mythological vehicles were only slightly represented. Where Science fiction vessels took more of a center stage.

My Ranking:

This was a good product and had it been a bigger book it would have easily rated much higher. But after looking at this I wanted an entire Estate Tech book of Equipment & Vehicles for the Strange much like “Numenera Technology Compendium: Sir Arthour’s Guide to Numenera

15 D20Wanted is not strong enough we NEED ONE!

If you have the spare 2.99 and you have any intention of running a Space based recursion. This is a solid purchase. You will not be disappointed. My advice skip a coffee, and get this product.
Now MCG if your reading this Make a Technology book Soon!

Pick yours up now HERE.

The Strange

The-Strange-Logo-Color-SmallThe Strange is on sale right now over on Drive Through RPG ! And if you head on over there right now  you can pick it up for a steal of a price ! The Strange is the second Kickstater for Monty Cook Games and it was another huge hit.
So what is the strange you ask ?
The Strange is a game that crosses multiple worlds, called recursions, which player characters can explore and defend. In The Strange, your characters change with each world they travel to, taking on new aspects suited to help them function in that recursion’s unique laws and structures.
If you enjoyed the inspiring scope of games like PlanescapeGamma World, or Numenera, or mind-bending scenarios like Moorcock’s Eternal Champion series, the TV show Fringe, or movies like the Matrix, you’re going to love The Strange!
This game is great.  With the concept of Fictionverses in the setting you can run literally any game your story tell can conceive within the strange !
Using the “Cypher System” that was introduced in the Monty Cooks new game Numenera “The Strange” is a Level Based DC game where the GM needs not roll the dice but can focus on telling the story for his players.  If you have been looking for something new to try. I highly recommend giving the Strange a Try !

Use the link on the right to head on over to Drive Through RPG if you like or click on the link below and it will send you straight there !