Snap Sites: Silver Linings Bookstore Mini Review

Just Insert Imagination as back at it again. Not long after cranking out their first project Vamonos Pizza they wasted no time and cranked out Silver Linings Books. It’s been out now just shy of a week. I had a few hints of what this product was going to look like in advance and I was excited to get the chance to give it a look.

So what are we getting with the Silver Linings Bookstore?

  • A file with info about the bookstore, 8 characters, story twists and a random book name table.
  • Player cut out cards of the characters
  • GM cut out cards of the characters
  • 4 book covers with form-fillable options
  • 4 small books to print out and fold
  • Map of the store, with a smaller VTT option as well

Sounds like a good bit of bang for your buck. At $5.99 bucks on sale ATM for 3.99. But is it good? That’s why I am reviewing it and you are reading this. SO let’s get straight to it.

The main PDF like the previous Snap Site is 4 pages long. The format here is the same as before. Cover page, A how to page, characters page and the last page, twists. Where Vamonos Pizza had random encounters, Silver Lining has a random book title generator.

The how to page gives you an idea of the some of the uses you could use the product for. The little bit of insight is helpful and appreciated. The rest of the page gives you a description of the store itself.

The cast page gives you 8 characters with some motivation background and a catch phrase quote and how they are tied to the store. Much like Vamonos Pizza, one of the things here that I like is that you are given employees as well as customers that might be found here to help give you the full feel of the store.

The twists page is the last page of this PDF. The 8 twists are great and a creative GM could easily have a party returning repeatedly to deal with situations cropping up from this store. The twists page also has a random book generator. I have to give the guys a bit of a ding in this regard. I was thinking a nice book title generator would be a sweet touch that I might be able to put into use for other games as well. Sadly this is not a generator rather than a list of 20 book titles that you can roll randomly or pick in order.

On to the extras, maps book covers, bookmarks and more! The provided map is nice and in color, The quality is much higher than the last map. That said I LOVE THE BOOKMARKS! The bookmarks are great and I might have to find some very nice thick card stock to print and pass a few out. The small folding books are a great prop as well and you get 4 books you can hand out with this product. Lastly the form fillable spellbook with front back spine and dust jacket. Plain and simple you can use it for a tremendous number of games. Props are always great but a prop you can use in over and over because the books name is form-fillable is brilliant.

Overall a great deal at a great price.

Runkles Ranking

D20 #11-14Like their last product, this is something you can go back too for many users. I can see this location much like the Pizza parlor creeping into all of my modern games. At this rate, I might end up with a small town of Snap Sites for my PC’s to find adventures in when the main adventures of my game slow or go off the rails. The book covers and props are well worth it. Again a solidly above average product from great guys.



You can pick up Snap Sites Silver Linings Bookstore by clicking this link below.
Silver Linings Bookstore

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