#RPGaDay2017 7th Day: What Was Your Most Impactful RPG session?

Today will be a short one as I will be redirecting you to an older post where I answered this question. All the way back at the very first #RPGaDay, back then the question was most memorable character death. SO here we are again. Follow the link to my most impactful RPG […]

Munchkin Gloom Review

Recently I picked up a copy of Atlas Games, Munchkin Gloom! STOP, before you read any further! This is NOT a Munchkin game. I know the box is sized like any other munchkin game, and the art style is just like any other Munchkin game. BUT it is a GLOOM […]

Practical Ways to Write and Keep Writing — donnaclovis

Always on the lookout for good tips to share about all things storytelling and writing this is yet another nice tip to have in  your arsenal.   What do you like to read? What do you like to write? What writing style do you enjoy? How do you make time […]

Storytelling 101: The Protagonist, the Antagonist, and the Conflict

Simple to the point and a good weekend read for in your time before game. A quick primer on storytelling. The use of movie and iconic characters helps frame the examples well and I recommend giving it a look if you are getting ready to run a game this weekend […]