Wild Tales — Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Not a gaming blog per say. BUT, so much of what is said here embodies why I am a Gamemaster! I also imagine that many of you that will read this as players or GM’s will fee much the same way!

Many of the points here also can be taken directly to heart as a Gamemaster. Strive to capture your environment and bring it to life for your players. Set the tone and the mood. Bring that world to life for your players!  This is our passion and we want to tell stories together. Don’t hold back get into it !

Storytelling in so many ways is a lost art. But at the Game table,we are masters of it. Many of us do it weekly. Embrace it. LOVE IT let the power of it flow through you and tell a damn good story!

Until next time enjoy and GAME ON !

Some stories are made for performance. Some tales need the feeling, the fire of life behind the words, spoken out loud and even worked along with movements. This is the theatre nerd coming out of me of course. But as a writer I do sometimes struggle with the difference between translating tales onto paper, and […]

via Wild Tales — Jessica Marie Baumgartner

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