Monday Muse; Learn from Failure.

  I can boldly say after 30 plus years of running games that I am pretty good at it. I can even go so far as to say that I have had other players and game masters ask me things like. I wish I was as good a storyteller as you? -or- I don't try … Continue reading Monday Muse; Learn from Failure.

Upcoming D&D DM Screen Reincarnated

An upcoming WOTC product on the horizon has been announced. D&D is Reincarnating their DM screen. Between you and me and apparently by the sound of the announcement it was well needed. Long time readers might recall that I gave this product a pretty sad review. That is pretty brutal when your only dealing with … Continue reading Upcoming D&D DM Screen Reincarnated

Never waste a Critical Failure!

Never waste a Critical Failure! Too often I see game masters play forgivingly and handwave a natural one. I say,”Never let a good storytelling opportunity go to waste!” As a Game Master, one of the most often overlooked chances to add more to the story is when one of the players at the table roll … Continue reading Never waste a Critical Failure!