Monday Musings.

Just a short thought on freewriting this Monday.

Recently each time I have sat down to blog I have found myself with a flood of words nearly overwhelming me. Heck not nearly, outright completely overwhelming me. Leaving me in a state unable to print or put word to page

So Here we are again and I am trying a new writing technique. It is not one that I have ever done before but figured heck why not give it a shot. Instead of taking the time to pick a theme. This time, I sat down instead closed my eyes and attempted cleared my mind. Now let me tell you.. this is never an easy thing in my case.

Once I was Ready I just began to type. The words seemed to find their way the to the page much more easily. As crazy as it sounds I quickly began to notice that I was not overwhelmed like I had been in the past(literally minutes before). Now I let the muscle memory of my fingers roll along the keyboard and I just kept focus on what I was writing knowing that as messy as this post might get .. I could come back after in my free time and edit.

A few things that I noticed in the few min that It took me to do this

I wrote much faster. The longer I wrote a more focused on the topic I was able to become. mostly because I was not going back to self-edit nor was I distracted by other thoughts as I was forming the words for the article the way I normally did my blog posts.

I did not make as many errors as I had expected I would have made. Ironically I made much the same errors that I normally would in any of my blogs. I have heard some claim that you make fewer errors. This did not prove to be the case for me.

The thing that I was told when I first encountered the idea of trying this was that you would find your inner voice among the noise. Well, it seems to have worked. I became far calmer and the words flowed with ease once my eyes were shut and I had prepared for the blog write up.

One comment

  1. This is definitely something I want to try. There’s always a maelstrom raging in my head and the time I want to write is not an exception.


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