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Monday Musing, Bringing a touch of Halloween to your table.

The other day I found myself at one of the local big box stores and discovered that once again it’s that time of year where three sessions of holiday items are on the shelves. Now as annoying as I find this in regards to the total commercialization of my favorite holidays. The gamer in me loves it. This is that one time of the year where I am able to get my hands on tons of alternative gaming goodies to use at the table.


So this year my most recent find was my Giant undead frog that I used in my down the drain D&D game session. With his immense size, I gave him a swallow whole attack and a 60-foot reach with his undead tongue attack. led-fairy-string-lights-battery-operated-nbsp-nbsp-warm-white-3_260It was a blast and went over well. This was just one of the items I picked up so far. I also picked up some Halloween lights that I will be making torches and fires with.

I think that I can make a few very nice torch stands with these. Or some other things. Now it is not just about finding cool deals for me. Granted it is very nice to find anything I can implement well at the table for cheap. For me, it is times like this that I can head to the store and let my creative juices flow.

Over the years I have found some excellent things that I use to this day, here are pics of just a few.

2013-01-08 11.49.12

A fine example of an old setup that takes advantage of much of these wonderful sessional purchases I have found from trips to the store like this. In this amazing Dwarven Forge setup, I am also using. Trees that I had picked up in an after Christmas sale for a quarter. As well as the cool skeletal torches. I also added Tealights Halloween webbing for fog as well as my sweet Rise all Ye Dead statue I had found on sale at the local Michaels crafts. 2013-01-08 11.49.25

So am I the only one that does this ? Or do you love this time of year as a GM for the same reason as I do?  Or maybe I have inspired you to make a trip to the store? Let me know as I love to hear your input about any great finds you may have come across as well!

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