#RPGaDay2016 Day:30 Describe the ideal game room if your budget were unlimited?


This will more be a series of pictures.

Right out the gate, I would like to have a very sharp looking room that would still reflect a Fantasy Inn or Tavern. I love my Sci-Fi but if I want a game room this has got to be the look. So I think this is the closest to what I would like to have.


So with the rooms base look covered lets hit on the two walls of the room not pictured. IF you are going to be gaming for hours on end. You will need to take some breaks. What better way to take a break then have a mini/full sized bar in the room.


Now we are not to the table yet but the other wall would be for storage of my Dwarven Forge as well as a huge layout for the main city hub that game would be taking place on like shown below. Yeah AWESOME..


And next up we have to have the table of AWESOME to be the grand centerpiece for this room of epicness ! So we turn to the Sultan to do the job.


Tack on a gorgeous wrap around deck for after game and fresh air. And I will call my unlimited game room done.

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