What do You Love About role-playing games?

I see this year #RPGaDay2018 questions are starting off strong. So,”What do you love about role-playing games?”

Well, honestly there’s a lot to love about role-playing games. When you get right down to it we are part of a  hobby that in some ways centuries old if not far older. Consider that Merlin, or Jason and the Argonauts. These Tales are collaborative stories that were told around campfires or after dinner meals for hundreds of years. All we really did was come along and had a few Dice and rules.

So, what does this have to do with what I love about role-playing games? the truth is everything!  The best part about stories the of old and the games we play today is people coming together socializing and celebrating their group creativity.

Granted not every story we tell is going to be an Iliad.
Yet I would be so bold as to say that some of your players know the goings-on in your game world better than the Iliad, and that’s powerful.

So that brings us to the point, what do I love about role-playing games? I love the profound impact that a good story can have on your friends. That moment when something happens at the table between you and your fellow players. A moment so powerful that years or sometimes decades later everyone still remembers.
That is what I love about RPG’s!

So go out, play games, tell stories, and create your own Epics.  



Do you like #RPGaDay?  I would love to hear your thoughts both positive and negative were here for a conversation!

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