#RPGaDay2016 Day:24 What is the game you are most likely to give to others?


This one is pretty easy for me. If I wanted to give a game to others my fist choice would be Cypher System, Why?

Handing a gamer the Cypher System is literally handing them a system that is designed to run anything or any genre one can imagine. So by giving them one ruleset I have also given them a game with the ability to run any game they would ever want to and more. See a show on TV that you like? Sit down and make that world in a few short min. It can be as easy as that!

My reasons for giving the Cypher System over D&D or Pathfinder is two-fold. First the
Cypher System is rules light so I would also be gifting a player a system that would not require them to do a lot of heavy lifting to learn from both players and GM’s perspective.
Secondly, so many people have seen or played D&D or Pathfinder I would want to give them something they might be able to experience that would be new for them as well as fun and useful.

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