#RPGaDay2016 Day:22 Supposedly Random game events that keep recurring?


I have a good one, But it is not an in-game event. This one has been happening for years and years of my gaming lifetime. It is my one pain that the digital world has finally stepped in to solve. Or so I thought. Just when I thought I was free of this event. Yet once again this weekend at our groups Shadowrun game. It happened again.

I lost my damn Character sheet! It is truly terrifying the number of character sheets I have lost misplaced spent hectic moments before game vainly looking to find my misplaced Characters.

Enter the age of Digital Character sheets and I cheer to myself knowing that the days of lost sheets are over! For a few years, I was free of the curse. Then just recently we started up a Shadowrun game. I dreaded writing up this character. Because I knew .. I just it would happen. It did not fail.
After about our 5 game session we sat down last week to play and it happens. I lost my character sheet. Sighs.. SO it is not in the game but it is recurring and it feels like it’s not random lol.


  1. In the Rolemaster combat system you roll to hit and then normally make a second roll for the ‘critical’ that gives you some extra damage, the hit location and other effects such as being stunned, bleeding and so on along with a description of the wound. On a poor roll you may get no extra damage at all but on a really good hit and a good critical roll you could kill (or be killed) in a single hit.

    One of the most severe criticals, and only on a roll of 96-99 (D100) reads “Crush foe’s skill. +30 hits. Opponent dies immediately. Add +20 to your next swing. You have a half round left to act.” Now as it happens half a round is the minimum time it takes to make an attack using half your skill so this in effect gives you a free attack.

    In the same combat, in the same round one of the players along side me rolled his attack, scored this critical and killed a war troll, he had half a round to act so he made a second half skill attack and rolled really wel and, yes he got the same critical result again so make a third attack and yes another repeat performance and killed a third troll. His fourth attack was not quite so impressive but in the single round he killed three trolls and to top it all he broke their morale and they fled all because of the freak recurrance of a random critical roll.

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