Kickstarter Feature: Draco Magi Expansion My long time friend Robert Burke making an expansion for his huge hit Draco Magi. Not only is he making it, It is already fully funded and breaking stretch goals. With 8 more days to go there is still plenty of time to get in on the Kickstarter before it comes to an end… Continue reading Kickstarter Feature: Draco Magi Expansion

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FEATURED Q&A with Carolina Game Tables Kickstarter’s Jodi Black

Fresh back from Gencon Clint and Jodi Black wasted no time launching their Kickstarter after the great reception their table had gotten there. Eager backers had been waiting after they returned from the con to back this project and it showed. They funded their project in the first few hours! Also they received Kickstarter Staff… Continue reading FEATURED Q&A with Carolina Game Tables Kickstarter’s Jodi Black


Numenera: Into the Ninth World

Monte Cook and friends are back again with another new and awesome Kickstarter. Into the Ninth World. Venture Farther. Go Deeper. Go Beyond. For the first time we will now have the ability to explore more than the ninth world. With each of these books weighing in at 160 page hard covers there is a… Continue reading Numenera: Into the Ninth World

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Review: Fragged Empire

Fragged Empire It is over 10,000 years into the future. Earth is forgotten. Humanity is dead. Genetic erosion, brought on by thousands of years of apathy. You are one of many genetically engineered descendants. Created by the eugenicist Archons (humanity’s heirs), or the vengeful monster X’ion. A genocidal war has ravaged the known galaxy. X’ion… Continue reading Review: Fragged Empire


D20 Entertainment Deletes their Kickstarter Account.

Last night I was speaking with Jolly Blackburn about the interview I recently did with him. And the topic of D20 entertainment came up. I had mentioned how I was glad to see how KODT and Kenzer Co has handled the backlash of D20 Entertainment's kickstarter and how difficult the whole process must feel overall.… Continue reading D20 Entertainment Deletes their Kickstarter Account.


Kickstarter Watch: GNL Mats.

Game Nightlife Mats. This Kickstarter came onto my radar last week when it launched. From the very moment I was excited. I always liked Tack Tiles but I never picked them up due to the puzzle board shape. Something about it never had the visual appeal to me on a personal level. That said… Continue reading Kickstarter Watch: GNL Mats.

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Kickstarter Shaming

Well it's just one of the risks you take when you back a Kickstarter. You put your faith and your money in the hands of a complete stranger. In the hopes that they will come through with their end of the agreement. Complete a project that they are trying to make in a timely fashion… Continue reading Kickstarter Shaming