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FEATURED Q&A with Carolina Game Tables Kickstarter’s Jodi Black

Fresh back from Gencon Clint and Jodi Black wasted no time launching their Kickstarter after the great reception their table had gotten there. Eager backers had been waiting after they returned from the con to back this project and it showed. They funded their project in the first few hours! Also they received Kickstarter Staff Pick all in the space of 24 hours. That is a fine accomplishment with 29 days left to go!

So since I know both Clint and Jodi I decided to reach out and ask them if they wanted to talk a little bit about their project and what it was like to put this kick together. Like interviews I have done in the past I will note my questions as RPG’s and Carolina Game Tables will be noted as CGT.

First off congratulation’s on the excellent launch for your kickstarter. You made your goal in the first few hours. Were you expecting that and how did it feel watching the numbers climb in the first few hours ? 

We know from experience with other Kickstarters that the first few hours are an emotional rush of excitement and nervousness. But it was NOTHING compared to running our own!

We also knew we had a lot of interest in the table, but we weren’t expecting to make our goal so quickly. It blew us away!

I imagine you guys put a lot of thought into your product to get your tables just right. Would you care to share any of the trials and errors that went into getting your tables just right ?

We looked at a lot of options like drawers, desks, drink holders, dice trays, and others that didn’t start with a “d.” But in the end, our primary criteria was a table which looked like a normal dining room table for daily use, and those additions didn’t work for that goal.

We also considered adding a piece of acrylic to cover the interior play area, but it would have increased the price just to include something not everyone would want. And for those who do want it, they can get a piece cut to size at any home improvement store for far less than buying it from us. I recommend fitting it tight along one dimension and leaving a few inches of space along the other. That way it’s easy to remove without any special hardware.

What was the reaction of everyone that got a chance to give the table a look at Gen-Con? How did it feel to sell your first table right from the floor of the con ?

Most everyone was very excited to see the table at Gen Con (once we got it there–that’s a story for sharing over a beer sometime). They loved the classic look of it, the finish, and said that with the table top on, it’s really indistinguishable from a dining room table. It was a great feeling, and the support for the Kickstarter is overwhelmingly positive. We actually had a sort of “bidding war” at Gen Con for the prototype–and the one who walked away was one of those getting an Early Bird table. It was a nicely mannered discussion type of auction, so typical of the gamers we know. 🙂 

What was the motivation behind the White Glove Delivery Service ?  I think this is an excellent idea by the way.

We wanted to make delivery and set up as simple as possible. This is a table with some weight to it, and if it were me (Clint), I’d rather have someone else bring it in, attach the legs, put it in place, and cart off all the packaging. Having now done that myself at Gen Con, I can attest it was the right decision

How sturdy would you say your tables are ? I noticed in the video that all of your players were leaning on the table and it was taking it like a champ.

We had several people who sat on the edge (including Clint) with absolutely no problem. We also encouraged folks to give it a lift at any corner to feel the weight of the table, 150 lbs. of a solid bolted frame.  At the end of the con, we carried it out to their van in once piece, no wobbles. That’s heavy-duty wood construction for you!

The cook book is a great stretch goal, It bridges the concept of game table and dining table well. If the Kick continues to fund at a good clip are there any more ideas we might see for further Stretch goals?

We’d love to add more recipes from other folks in the industry–we’ve been contacted by some who’ve heard about the Kickstarter, and we’re trying to figure out a way to make it happen! We’d also love to see Dinner and Dice in print…that’s a stretch goal we haven’t announced yet! 

Long term down the road question.  After the Kickstarter fulfillment has been completed what are your plans ?   Might we see additional accessories for the table or other table designs. 

Our ultimate goal is to set up Carolina Game Tables as a permanent business. We’ve already scaled our intentions based on how well the Kickstarter does. We’d love to expand into a few other table designs (Clint already has some ideas), but that’s likely farther down the road unless the Kickstarter goes gangbusters—though we’d be thrilled if it happened!

So there you have it! It was pleasure as always chatting with Clint and Jodi. I wish them the best with their project!

If you have been looking for a good table head on over HERE and give the Kick a look.

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