Kickstarter Feature: Draco Magi Expansion

My long time friend Robert Burke making an expansion for his huge hit Draco Magi. Not only is he making it, It is already fully funded and breaking stretch goals. With 8 more days to go there is still plenty of time to get in on the Kickstarter before it comes to an end and help unlock a few more dragons! The game play is deep and with over a dozen new dragons coming into play and new battlefields to fight over. The depth of the game only gets better!


Robert is a veteran of Kickstarter and with 16 funded Kickstarter’s. He has the skills and insight into the world of Kickstarter that few creators have. So if you like dragons and Dueling games you need to scoop this game up quickly. If you already have a copy of Draco Magi there is even more reason to back this project. As Robert has structured this Kickstarter giving any previous Draco Magi backer a discount rate and get the expansion for the game!  You can join in on this for $12 dollars and get all the stretch goals if you have backed any previous Draco Magi product or $15 dollars for new backers. There are some awesome extra Add Ons you can get in on as well if you like.

In a sea of uncertainty with so many Kickstarter projects Robert Burke one of a few safe choices out there. Robert and others like him prove over and over again that the idea of crowdfunding is wonderful thing when done right. Congrats on another project Robert!


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