Kickstarter Watch: GNL Mats.

Game Nightlife Mats.

This Kickstarter came onto my radar last week when it launched. From the very moment I was excited. I always liked Tack Tiles but I never picked them up due to the puzzle board shape. Something about it never had the visual appeal to me on a personal level. That said they are an awesome product.
Enter GNL Mats. Pull off the puzzle connections and replace them with awesome and powerful magnets. Well color me impressed. These maps have some great quality’s

  • Can cover any size or shape table.
  • Works with any kind of marker.
  • Cleans up easily and quickly.
  • Withstands spills and “snackccidents.”
  • Lets you have a proper chase scene.
  • Doesn’t slide around on the table.
  • Allows for a wide variety of terrain, dungeon, or miniature.
  • Is affordable.

That said I am also very interested in the stretch goals. As I like this product very much but am eagerly hoping for green map tiles. This product has nearly reached it’s funding goal with 17 days to go as of the time of this blog and is tracking to hit more than 200% of its goal.
Give it a look. This just might be what replaces any Battle mat needs.
I recommend heading on over to their Kickstater and giving them a serious look. They do a great job of answering any questions about the quality of their mats on their page.

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