Kickstarter Watch 7/27/16 Tablescapes Dungeons – Modular RPG Dungeons

Secret Weapon launched their Mine themed modular plastic dungeon tiles Project just the other day and in the first few hours they were fully funded. This one has my attention for a few reasons.

First! As well as the BIGGEST reason.. The scale is comparable with not only Dwarven Forge but, Fat Dragon Tiles !

Its got a great price point!  With this project were not looking at tons of options or bells and whistles just plain old Give them  X and they will give you Y and if they get enough money they will add in Z !

Simple, Elegant, Beautiful .. and I LOVE IT !
We need to see more kickstartes like this again!




Wallet Warning, Current Killer Kickstarters.

Just going to give a quick run-down of all the new and about to end Kickstarter Projects that are begging you to empty your wallet and get in on their sweet goodness. This blog will not be for the thin of wallet or faint of heart.

Ending Soon get in on the action!

The Dragon Sheath

If you love beautiful wooden RPG accessories. This one is going to drain your wallet to the tune of at least $65.00. With over 50 covers 10+ Interiors and 25 different wood types and stains you are sure to get a dice box that will stand out and you will own for a lifetime.

7th Sea: Second Edition


7th Seas 2E is in its Final days. This is a massive project, to say the least. Hoping to only get 30k they destroyed their goal and the RPG fandom came running throwing money the whole way. Over 800k right now this was a pretty solid kick. This little Beauty will set you back $40.00 for the E-Book level. There are so MANY diffrent levels you can pick with this kick its crazy and the $40.00 add-on of all of the First edition books in PDF as well. Your wallet will not go quietly into the night on this Kick.

There are so MANY different levels you can pick with this kick its crazy and the $40.00 add-on of all of the First edition books in PDF as well. Now that 40 dollar add on is going to get you 39 more books in PDF!

Your wallet will not go quietly into the night on this Kick.


And New projects.

Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder


New Rules, Lore, Statistics and Miniatures for Over 100 Cthulhu Mythos Monsters brought to you by Sandy Petersen.


  • A bestiary with over 100 entries, almost half never before seen in a Pathfinder book before.
  • Over 25 Mythos Entities: Creatures in the Pathfinder Bestiaries I-V now authoritatively revised & updated in this book. Additionally, the original entries as found in the Bestiaries I-V are also included for easy reference and comparison.
  • Over 50 NEW Mythos Entries: Creatures from the Cthulhu Mythos that have never before been published in any Pathfinder Bestiary.
  • Over 40 ‘Unusual Suspects’: Creatures that could (and maybe should) be in the Cthulhu Mythos, found in the pages of the current Pathfinder Bestiaries. Some have been updated to reflect our new rules.
  • Adventures: Plot Hooks and Campaign starters by Sandy Petersen and others.
  • How to run horror in a heroic sword and sorcery setting by Sandy Petersen.

The thing is with this one… it’s the mini collection that is going to turn into a Tidal wave of Shoggoth proportions. The crazy thing is if you want to qualify for all of the streach goals in this project. Your ponying up $200.00 right out the gate.

Worlds of the Cypher System

This is a three book kick for the cypher System by Monte Cook Games. Back this project and you will be getting up to three new settings depending on what level you come in at.
The settings they will be developing are.

Gods Fall
The old gods are dead. Burning and crumbling, the divine realm dropped from the sky and smashed into the world like a vengeful star. The earth was plunged into darkness. Hope shriveled. Life has become cheap, brutal, and short. But from the ashes of this catastrophe, you can awaken your own divine spark. Claim a dominion; declare yourself the god of War, of the Hunt, of Winter, of Fire, or of the realm of your choice. And if you can complete your divine labors, fulfill prophecy, and throw down the despots that rose in place of the fallen gods, you might redeem a world fallen into evil. You might truly become—a god! 



An asteroid will soon wipe out all life on earth. You know this—and you know when—because it’s in the history books your grandparents brought back to the Cretaceous period with them. Now your small society is trapped in prehistory, desperate to find a way back to your time. But at least you’re not alone. You have tech, weapons, vehicles, and science from the future—you even have the ability to bioengineer the dinosaurs around you. Can you use these tools to survive a dangerous world on the brink of extinction? 

Is that the sound of thunder you hear? 



When they locked you up, you made the mask. When you wear it, you can do the impossible. Just like the comic books.

But the mask has always done more: It shows a world beyond the everyday grey skein of cities and people. Something golden and perfect. But the longer you wear it, the more your old self slips away. It’s like drowning. But the power calls to you.

There are others like you, good, bad and indifferent. All searching for what they call Magonia—the place from their ruined childhoods, where they once escaped from this broken down world. And they all know, as you know, that something terrible is coming.

Each of these books is slated to be 192 pages. The project rolls in smartly at 15 bucks for a PDF and 50 for all of the PDFs. Or $45 for one book with a $45 dollar add on if you do not wish all three. Or you can go up to $175 and get all the books in Print & PDF as well as any addition books such novel streach goals that have been added as the project goes on.

Dwarven Forge’s Castles: 3-D Modular Terrain for Gamers

From the City to the Castle
And for the mother of all wallet stoping Projects. Dwarven Forge is back and they are taking no prisoners. This insane 2 year project is now here. Trust me when I say this thing is going to lay sige to your wallet.

The beauty of this set is breathtaking. The Dwarven forge team has taken 3D Terrain to the next level. Having become masters of Magnets they have reached a level or craftsmanship that is just stunning.

The insainty of it all is how badly the geek in you will want this project! To put it mildly, The high end of this Kickstarter is $980. That sounds crazy when you say it, yet how crazy is it when you look and see that as fo this blog. There are over 450 backers at this level ALONE!



#RPGaDay 23 Coolest looking RPG product/Book


I am going to pick two products and one book today.

Coolest looking product our First coolest looking product is yesterdays best purchase


and Secondly I would put forward the Ultimate in Geek Cool products for your group !
And what more why did I pick to .. Because why not Roll one within the other.. The Sultan !


Check their other stuff out here !

So lastly on to my pick of the coolest looking book.
Currently one of the nicest looking books in a good long while to come out will take my pick for coolest looking book.. I know there are better out there but I don’t have them and I picked from my pool of books that I have. Sorry I write the blog I make the rules and they change as I type. So my pick is


Enjoy,  Lets here what you books and products you think are the coolest..
Oh and an honorable mention goes


Dice by Cermaic Wombat, You can find him over at

#RPGaDay 22 Best Second Hand Purchase


My best second hand purchase would without a doubt not be  a RPG product but game accessory.. my Dwarven Forge ! When I first started collecting Dwarven Forge I had planed to pick up one set ever few months and slowly build my collection.. It would take some time but it would be worth it..
Then I found a lucky auction on E-bay. I picked up a great auction for an extremely good deal. SO I took the initiative and inquired to him if he had any other auctions.. His response was fast, He messaged me and his reply was that he actually did indeed have sets. AND many of them. He was also in need of fast money. So after a few messages back and forth. We came to an agreement that he would ship the entire lot of sets to me for the low low price of 600 bucks..
600 bucks would usually pick up up four to five sets if you picked your sets carefully.  But the stack of Dwarven Forge that I got that day was Massive. If I recall properly it was

Two Oger’s Den’s, Octagonal Room Set, Diagonal Walls Set,

download (1)m5Ovw2yo3Q-B8Jt5CYOiOrgTFMM004

Curved walls set,  Deluxe Room Set, Wicked Additions 2

TFMM008download (2)download (3)


Caverns set x2.  Room & Passage Set & Wicked Additions

download (4)download (5)TFMM008



The results allowed me to provide my players with things like this !


Now go take a look at their awesome stuff here !

Leave a comment below about what your best purchase was !

Dwarven Forge Caverns Kickstarter

Well yesterday I Highlighted Cheep RPG PDF’s. This Kick is nearly at its half way point and its over a million dollars. So needless to say its reached it kick and will happen.
Dwarven Forge is the undisputed king of RPG Terrain, There is none better when it comes to table dressing for your games. I have used it for years. If you take care of your Dwarven Forge you can pass this stuff down to your children, and they will be able to pass it down to theirs. But like all great things it comes with a cost. Other then cost the only other real drawback of Dwarven Forge is its very heavy making it not portable to your FLGS let alone your buddies house for Sunday’s game.

So the team over at Dwarven Forge a little more then a year ago came up with a new formula. They call it Dwarvenite. And this stuff is insanely tough.. Take a look at the video.

This formula solved many issues. It greatly reduced the cost of Dwarven Forge sets. It also drasticlly cut down on the weight. NOW your Dwarven Forge is portable ! And if you happen to drop a piece in the parking lot and it gets run over by a car. Don’t panic .. Its going to be fine !

Now to another great deal. Dwarven Forge is back at it again.  This time with A caverns set. And well this stuff looks ten times better then last set. You can see the years of Stefan Pokorny experience come to this set. Its beautiful plain and simple. And Just like the last set you can toss this stuff straight in a bag and head to game.
But don’t take my word for it head on over and give them a look.

The best thing I enjoy about this kick and the last was the Dwarven Forge guys got it right. whats the best goal to give your backers for a set of terrain .. MORE Terrain ! So if you have been looking to add something to your table to make your game pop. Get out and give this stuff a look.