#RPGaDay 23 Coolest looking RPG product/Book


I am going to pick two products and one book today.

Coolest looking product our First coolest looking product is yesterdays best purchase http://www.dwarvenforge.com/


and Secondly I would put forward the Ultimate in Geek Cool products for your group !
And what more why did I pick to .. Because why not Roll one within the other.. The Sultan !


Check their other stuff out here !


So lastly on to my pick of the coolest looking book.
Currently one of the nicest looking books in a good long while to come out will take my pick for coolest looking book.. I know there are better out there but I don’t have them and I picked from my pool of books that I have. Sorry I write the blog I make the rules and they change as I type. So my pick is


Enjoy,  Lets here what you books and products you think are the coolest..
Oh and an honorable mention goes


Dice by Cermaic Wombat, You can find him over at

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