Dwarven Forge Caverns Kickstarter

Well yesterday I Highlighted Cheep RPG PDF’s. This Kick is nearly at its half way point and its over a million dollars. So needless to say its reached it kick and will happen.
Dwarven Forge is the undisputed king of RPG Terrain, There is none better when it comes to table dressing for your games. I have used it for years. If you take care of your Dwarven Forge you can pass this stuff down to your children, and they will be able to pass it down to theirs. But like all great things it comes with a cost. Other then cost the only other real drawback of Dwarven Forge is its very heavy making it not portable to your FLGS let alone your buddies house for Sunday’s game.

So the team over at Dwarven Forge a little more then a year ago came up with a new formula. They call it Dwarvenite. And this stuff is insanely tough.. Take a look at the video.


This formula solved many issues. It greatly reduced the cost of Dwarven Forge sets. It also drasticlly cut down on the weight. NOW your Dwarven Forge is portable ! And if you happen to drop a piece in the parking lot and it gets run over by a car. Don’t panic .. Its going to be fine !

Now to another great deal. Dwarven Forge is back at it again.  This time with A caverns set. And well this stuff looks ten times better then last set. You can see the years of Stefan Pokorny experience come to this set. Its beautiful plain and simple. And Just like the last set you can toss this stuff straight in a bag and head to game.
But don’t take my word for it head on over and give them a look.


The best thing I enjoy about this kick and the last was the Dwarven Forge guys got it right. whats the best goal to give your backers for a set of terrain .. MORE Terrain ! So if you have been looking to add something to your table to make your game pop. Get out and give this stuff a look.


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