Have a Cup of the Force!

Who here doesn't like to start their morning off right with a nice hot-pot of coffee. Yeah I said pot not cup. Because I am not a coffee lightweight. I take my morning brew serious! Even with all the power of a good cup of coffee in the morning sometimes I still feel I need … Continue reading Have a Cup of the Force!

#RPGaDay 23 Coolest looking RPG product/Book

I am going to pick two products and one book today. Coolest looking product our First coolest looking product is yesterdays best purchase http://www.dwarvenforge.com/ and Secondly I would put forward the Ultimate in Geek Cool products for your group ! And what more why did I pick to .. Because why not Roll one within the … Continue reading #RPGaDay 23 Coolest looking RPG product/Book

#RPGaDay 22 Best Second Hand Purchase

My best second hand purchase would without a doubt not be  a RPG product but game accessory.. my Dwarven Forge ! When I first started collecting Dwarven Forge I had planed to pick up one set ever few months and slowly build my collection.. It would take some time but it would be worth it.. … Continue reading #RPGaDay 22 Best Second Hand Purchase