My Homebrew World: Aquatica

Aquatica is a large world of my creation, that is mostly water with little land. I created her with the D&D 3.0 Worldbuilder Handbook. ​Her past has seen hundreds of years of Mage Wars and chaotic upheavals, that has changed the face of the planet in many ways and the lives of most of her … Continue reading My Homebrew World: Aquatica

Worldbuilding With Artifacts — PhD20

I am always looking for good tips on world building, I like this approach. As I myself have several  hundred hours ahead of myself likely before my world will be done its always good to see another's view on how they do it ! Instead of starting small with a town or village, start even smaller. … Continue reading Worldbuilding With Artifacts — PhD20

Glow Worms In Motion — Inspirational Geek

The world is a pretty amazing place with some truly jaw-dropping things in it. As GM try and remember thing's like this when  you are painting the canvas of the world's your players are in. I can easily imagine this is what it is like trudging through the Underdark. Sleeping in a cave for days … Continue reading Glow Worms In Motion — Inspirational Geek