X-Wing Miniatures – Heroes of the Resistance — Meeple Ex Machina

I know many of my fellow gamers have dove back hard Into X-wing recently. This one is for you guys! via These Are Your First Steps – Fantasy Flight Games I don’t normally post preview style posts on here but after getting into the X-Wing Miniatures Game with the Force Awakens Starter Set seeing more … Continue reading X-Wing Miniatures – Heroes of the Resistance — Meeple Ex Machina

End of the world on PDF

Recently I had done a blog about Fantasy Flight Games. And there new End of the world line of books. I did not mention in my blog but my only wish at the time was that they had released it on PDF. And someone somewhere heard me! Today FFG released the first book in the … Continue reading End of the world on PDF

@Your Table Electronic Dice

Oh where to begin there are so many dice apps out there. Some are simply RNG (Random Number Generators) some are physics based dice applications.  Man some of them look so very beautiful and others are pure utilitarian. But it has been my experience and that of most everyone that I know to nearly a … Continue reading @Your Table Electronic Dice

The End of the World

The end of the world "Zombie Apocalypse" had hit store shelves just before Christmas and in time for the new year. But what is it ?  Well its a new RPG game line  by the guys over and Fantasy Flight Games. Zombie Apocalypse is the first in a line of end of the world setting … Continue reading The End of the World