Stormlord Publishing Black Powder Black Magic

Well I currently do not have a regular game of DCC going to date. Regular game or not I love the gritty feel and old school flavor of this System.  Stormlord Publishing now has come along and puts out a six-guns and sorcery setting based in a fictional USA. Well I am sold.
Honestly the thought of Firearms in a DCC game is terrifying and awesome all at the same time.

Black Powder Black Magic Vol.1

A zine of six-guns and sorcery set in the Dark Territories of a fictional United States of America.

This 44 page zine contains:

  • The Devil’s Cauldron: A complete level-0 funnel.
  • 100 occupations, complete with weapon and trade good.
  • Timeline of major events.
  • Map of the Dark Territories.
  • Tokens of the past: Items of portent
  • Motivations for heading into the Dark Territories.
  • 100 names commonly found in Brimstone.
  • Rules for firearms
  • Demon Ore and Hellstones: More valuable and more dangerous than gold.
  • A Little Black Book: Short fiction.
  • Interior and cover artwork by Todd McGowan
  • Premium paper for the cover and interior pages

This PDF is in zine format (8.5″x5.5″), ideal for printing as a booklet using Adobe Reader.

You can pick it up today in PDF and Print Directly form them HERE.

or if you would rather just grab it off RPGNOW you can get it HERE.

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