GM’s Day Sale Till March 17

GMsDay2016-Banner-DTRPG2I always keep my eyes out for the cool sales over on DTRPG. It gives me the chance to pick up a system that maybe I have been thinking about but have not decided to commit the money to just yet. Often it’s just that few bucks in savings that break me. Sadly more often than I would like money is the tipping point that can keep me out of buying into a new game. Thus is the reality as it is for most gamers on a budget.

And that is why I love GM’s Day! 24,000 books on sale at 30% off. and some like over 50%. SO yeah it’s a great sale. Stop reading this and go over there and look for some new RPG’s!

There is are link’s over on the right that will take you straight there. Enjoy and happy GM’s Day!

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