Bundle of holding: Champions!

If you like super hero games champions is the game for you! And right now for only a few more hours you can pick up the champions system for a steal! 131 bucks in books for under 30 dollars! This is a quick way to pick up a fully fleshed out universe at your fingertips. Not to mention one of the greatest supper hero systems ever put together.

What you get for $14

  • Hero System 5th Edition Revised rulebook (retail price $17): The unmatchably comprehensive 569-page compendium of the 5th Edition rules. (Also in our September 2014 offer.)
  • NEW! Champions: Superpowered Roleplaying (retail $22): The 5th Edition superhero genre sourcebook that we somehow forgot to include until now. (Sorry!)
  • UNTIL Superpowers Database I (retail $9) and UNTIL Superpowers Database II (retail $10): Two huge collections with hundreds of custom-designed powers.
  • Gadgets and Gear (retail $9.50): The hardware equivalent of the Superpowers books, with thousands of superheroic (and -villainous) weapons, vehicles, and gizmos.
  • Hero System Resource Kit (retail $5): A handy collection of charts and maps. (Also in both previous Hero offers.)

And if you level up and grab the full bundle you can snag everything above as well as the following for just under $30

  • Champions Universe for 5th edition (retail $9): One of the most thorough and wide-ranging campaign settings for any superhero RPG. (Also in our September 2014 offer.)
  • Evil Unleashed (retail $8.50): A compendium of nearly 100 villains scattered across many Championssupplements.
  • Cops, Crews, and Cabals (retail $12): One of the neglected gems of the Champions line, a book of mid-range organizations both friendly and hostile.
  • UNTIL: Defenders of Freedom (retail $9.50): The United Nations super-agents who shield humanity from the superheroic world.
  • Champions Worldwide (retail $9.50): The heroes and villains your characters might meet outside America.
  • Hidden Lands (retail $9.50): Atlantis, Arcadia, Shamballah, Beast Mountain, and other secret places of the Champions Universe. 

So if you have been looking for a great RPG system for your next supers game and you don’t have one on hand. Act now and grab this while you still have the chance!

You can get it here at Bundle of holding.

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