Burning Games FAITH RPG-Review

Recently I was given a copy of Burning Games Faith RPG for review. The game had come across my radar but at the time I was working on my Rifts Review.  Fresh off my Savage Rifts review I was able to give the game a once over for a review. Well, I gave it much more … Continue reading Burning Games FAITH RPG-Review

Snap Sites: Silver Linings Bookstore Mini Review

Just Insert Imagination as back at it again. Not long after cranking out their first project Vamonos Pizza they wasted no time and cranked out Silver Linings Books. It's been out now just shy of a week. I had a few hints of what this product was going to look like in advance and I … Continue reading Snap Sites: Silver Linings Bookstore Mini Review

Review Timeline Card Game

Timeline is an Interesting little card game that is compact quick and fun. Best of all it also teaches you at the same time as being a darn good game. Not an easy task. How does it carry out this goal ? With an extremely simple mechanic and a simple elegant design. The game lays … Continue reading Review Timeline Card Game

Review: Savage Kingdoms

So an interesting title has made its way across my desk. A  game of Heroic sword and sorcery, Savage Kingdoms. This was a Kickstarter that slipped past my radar back in March of last year. Likely because we were getting deep into preparation for Storm-Con. Savage Kingdoms is inspired by Robert E Howard and is … Continue reading Review: Savage Kingdoms

VOID RPG Kickstarter

****EDIT**** As of Sunday a new Video came out explaining in better detail the nuances of combat in VOID, With this break down explained I no longer have any reservations with the combat system any longer. VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a new kickstarter moving into their sixth day today.  I first heard of VOID … Continue reading VOID RPG Kickstarter

Bump In the Night RPG Kickstarter

I Bumped into this Kickstarter the night before last and gave it a look over. It's just about over 1/3 of the way to its goal with 19 days left. So what is Bump in the Night ? It's title plainly states that it is a Role playing game of paranormal Investigation. At first I … Continue reading Bump In the Night RPG Kickstarter