Hands on Review Dog Might Games Dragon Tray!

So last week, just in time for my regular gaming week to start, I received my review Dragon Tray from Dog Might Games. Like always, the package arrived mummified in packing material to keep it safe. My first impression was the sheer size of this tray. The tray that the Dog Might Games crew had … Continue reading Hands on Review Dog Might Games Dragon Tray!

Pathfinder Adventures Mobile Game

So last week I saw this great old school parody video for Pathfinder Adventures. Well, I was surprised to hear that this was the announcement for the launch of Pathfinder Adventures because I have had it on my IPhone for some time already. Well with that I decided to go back and give it another … Continue reading Pathfinder Adventures Mobile Game

Review Timeline Card Game

Timeline is an Interesting little card game that is compact quick and fun. Best of all it also teaches you at the same time as being a darn good game. Not an easy task. How does it carry out this goal ? With an extremely simple mechanic and a simple elegant design. The game lays … Continue reading Review Timeline Card Game