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As of Sunday a new Video came out explaining in better detail the nuances of combat in VOID, With this break down explained I no longer have any reservations with the combat system any longer.

VOID Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a new kickstarter moving into their sixth day today.  I first heard of VOID last month and have been looking forward to seeing their upcoming Kick.  This project currently has 25 days to go and has picked up about 21 backers in the first few days. After looking over the project I think it will get a lot more in the days and weeks to come.  But why ?
First of it passes the elevator test. Sum up your game in ten seconds or less.  VOID is a gritty, realistic, old-school fantasy PnP RPG with interactive combat, free flow sorcery, classless system, and simple mechanics. This by itself has me wanting to know more.

Thankfully the creators of VOID did not stop there.  VOID is its own world with roots and inspiration pulled from our own.  Slavic, Mediterranean, and Middle-Eastern mythology with a strong nod to weird and strange tales give you a rich backdrop for this game.
VOID is the end result of ten years of world creation.
But what does VOID bring to the table other than that. Well it’s another rules light system. This has become more and more popular with Indy games.  And It will probably be the focus of an upcoming blog.
It is the focus on a Classless system. That with its magic and combat system that catches my attention more than most systems. I of late have become a huge fan of Classless systems. Let me define me! I dread being stuck in a box when that box is not how I envision the class would be built.

The combat system has my attention and I want to know more. I love the idea pitched that anyone can act at any time and you can attack and counter attack fluidly. As a player and a GM one of the worst parts about combat in any game I run is the down time as a combat round goes by. When you end up with players going for a soda in the fridge or checking their email between rounds. So if they can pull of a combat system that keeps the focus on the action from the beginning to end in a combat I call that a win in and of itself!
VOID boasts of 50 unique weapons and in a system that they say their combat system affects what style of combatant you are by what weapons and armor you equip. They also inform us that combat is realistic and gritty. I am intrigued and would like to see this and combat in a short video example.
All this and a free-flowing magic system to boot? Well now I guess I know why its taken them 10 years to develop their world !

VOID uses an attribute pool system, with the traits of Strength, Agility, Mental, and Sorcery.  These traits help form a stat pool of Stamina and Sanity.  I like this from what I have taken a look at on their WordPress Site. I just have the personal Issue of Sanity being the descriptor for the spell casting side of things. Call me old school but I think of Sanity as something you lose and it does not come back. I would have preferred if they had used Willpower or Determination or Grit.. Or even Mental Stamina. But the mechanic is sound no mater the name.

To cut back on space for this kickstarter they smartly have a few hotlinks to take you to their WordPress site where you can learn even more about the world. THIS IS A TREMENDOUSLY good idea. And I applaud them for the good thinking, Because there is a ton of content on their WordPress site that you can spend a good while looking at.  What can you find on there?  Hit the forum link on the right side of the blog and give it a look.  But ill give you quick rundown here of what can be found.

An overview of the kingdoms of Aenar the world where VOID is set in. A detailed description of all seven of the major races of the world. The races are an interesting lot and not your standard elf, dwarf and gnome fare.
You have Anshedar the humans. Arkono who are “bird Men”. Kras that are short creepy demonic child looking beings.. that look to be wholly new race or from a mythology that escapes me at the time of this writing.
Lilitu red skinned humanoids that are skilled sea seafarers with scrawny bodies big heads and large eyes.. I think I need a picture. for these guys cause I keep thinking a human sized grey.
The Svet. Centaurs nuff said .. who doesn’t like Centaurs !
Stuhia a rare race of  humanoid shapeshifters.
And the Uvil a race of death worshiping humanoids.

All and all an interesting selection. But don’t trust my short snippet, go look at their site for more info on these races as I just gave a brief of what each one is. I left the details to the authors of the VOID.

In addition to the Races they have a sexy HI-Rez map of their world. And you know me a good map is a great way to get my attention. They also have a snippet of their weapons and equipment section.
The domains of sorcery, A snippet of their world bestiary. A downloadable character creation guide with character and action sheets and they round it all out with a two page guide to combat.

Pro’s & Con’s


Probably the Biggest pro here would be the book is done and currently being edited. All of the funding for this project is to pay for the artwork.  That something I love to see when I look at RPG on Kickstarter that does not have a large Team to work with.
There is already 10 years worth of content and world done in the project. So you know the creator has a ton of passion about what they are bringing to the table in this Kick
The Pledge level is well designed and low-cost. Mostly because the intent here is to put this out as a free PDF once the project finishes the artwork. heck for 12 bucks you get the PDF version for play test before the art is even done as an early copy … That’s quite a deal.


My only con would be I am not sure if it is really as con so much as a concern that I have with calling the system rules light.  With a combat system that uses an action sheet to keep things running smooth and the implementation of a free form spell casting system and unique weapons.. I am not sure if it as rules light as it claims. But is this a bad thing. From what I have seen so far I don’t think so at all.

Would I back it ?

Strongly out of curiosity alone I might have backed this project. With ten years of development and a classless system already pulling me to it. The Idea of an open skilled class and magic system is a big seller for me as well.. I am on the fence with the combat system until I see more info on it.. but my verdict .. is an overwhelming YES> I will be backing this project.

Give there kickstater a look here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/voidrpg/void-rpg


  1. We appreciate your review, and very excited that you weighed our system with both Pros and Cons! The video that we plan to put up this weekend will show combat in action! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


  2. Reblogged this on VOID and commented:
    A very well executed review on the game, including pros and cons. We are excited to see an article that holds us to live up to what we have claimed. Thanks, R.P.G.!!


  3. Reblogged this on ROFL Rance and commented:
    As a GM and having a bunch of players in my hand who encourage violence, I have to say that I cannot wait to get my hands on this. The gritty and classless description plus the lore that pulls from our world intermingled in their own creation only adds to my intrigue and excitement for this release.


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