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Product Review – Nights of the Barrow-Wight

I am always a fan of product that can be used in multiple settings. This is another fine example of such a product that can prove useful to a GM. Quick easy and space efficient.

Rolling Boxcars

Nights of the Barrow-Wight
A Micro Quest Card

Author: Lloyd Metcalf
Cover Design: Lloyd Metcalf
Publisher: Lloyd Metcalf Inc.
Page Count: 4
Available Formats: Folio/Card
Cost: $3 (The entire set of 6 different cards is $15)

The inhabitants of the region have to contend with things that go bump in the night. Every third full moon they sequester themselves in their homes for a period of time and only venture out to tend to the livestock. Why? They have the best farmland in the region. It’s the price they pay. This short adventure presents a situation for characters to venture into the barrow mound of that which haunts the area.

The card stock used is the same stock they use for greeting cards. It has a glossy finish coat that helps to protect and provide extended durability. The colors are bright, but not overly so. The art piece…

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Review: Operation Lightning

OPERATION LIGHTNING Written by Charles White Editing by Darren G. Miller Cartography by Krista White Additional Assistance by Jodi Black Playtesting by: Robert Hensley III, Ben Erdin, Jerry Huffton, Regina Lynn Jones and Darren Miller. Operation Lighting Charles Whites newest adventure for the savage world setting. It is also his first adventure written by him!… Continue reading Review: Operation Lightning

R&R (Runkles Review's)

Fantaji Universal Role-Playing System !

Fantaji Formally known as Mazaki No Fantaji Is back ! Last time they had a great idea and a very cool game setting but they sadly were not able to reach their goal they were reaching for. But Anthropos Games would not be denied and they saw the fans loved their product and pushed forward… Continue reading Fantaji Universal Role-Playing System !