Review: Operation Lightning


Written by Charles White
Editing by Darren G. Miller
Cartography by Krista White
Additional Assistance by Jodi Black
Playtesting by:
Robert Hensley III, Ben Erdin, Jerry Huffton, Regina Lynn Jones
and Darren Miller.

Operation Lighting Charles Whites newest adventure for the savage world setting. It is also his first adventure written by him! Charles has been busy of late with projects coming out but the quality of this adventure does not suffer from that. Operation Lightning  like most other Fabled Environments adventures is a one shot adventure.

It is the fall of 1944 and the Allied Forces are making strides in the liberation of Europe. The Nazis are desperate to find anything that they can use to slow the advance of the Allies as they march across France.

The OSS has received troubling reports from Basque fighters as well as French Resistance members in Southern France. North of the small town of Albi, a contingent of German soldiers and scientists have taken up residence in an abandoned home on one of the region’s many hilltops. It has been reported that Werner Heisenberg himself has visited the site and oversaw the creation of a small laboratory. However, more troubling than that is the strange report of balls of light coming from the grounds of the compound. Allied Intelligence fears that the Germans are working on a super weapon.

Your group is tasked with infiltrating the compound, stealing the technology if possible or destroying it if not.

Seems cut and dry enough at first right ? Well the best part with most adventures including this one. There is always a catch and from the look of the cover. Yup its a good one.

The star of this adventure to me is the twist within a twist. You start a game and the players encounter the standard WWII horror trope and your players think that they have encountered the game twist. I think that the adventure offers up a good bit of variety for all types of players. There is some sneaking stealth going on early in the story. Followed by action combat and some investigation. And then a tense bit of game play with social interactions before the big finally. Just what you want in a nice one shot game.
Another big Pro is the fact that you are provided with all the maps from Fabled Environments superb collection for the adventure that you will need. And a nice set of Pregens for the story. Your players can just sit down and get into the game.
As always I like to note that if a product is easily adapted into other systems that it is a huge plus for me. Happily I can say that any game with a WWII horror theme should be able to pick this story up and run with it with no issues.

My only con would be that unlike other recent products that Fabled Environments has put out recently. There was no page background  to this product like his more recent adventure Cake Walk. That page background really made the product POP for me at least. But this does not affect the overall fact that Operation Lightning is a great story.

Would I recommend it ?
Yes my tiny question aside about the balls of light. This story packs a pretty cool punch that leaves the players with a twist that will have most Adult players with a sense of urgency to get to the second part of the story! And that is a great thing when you are running a one shot adventure.

Where can I get it ?


Click the image above or this link Here!

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