Product Review – Nights of the Barrow-Wight

I am always a fan of product that can be used in multiple settings. This is another fine example of such a product that can prove useful to a GM. Quick easy and space efficient.

Rolling Boxcars

Nights of the Barrow-Wight
A Micro Quest Card

Author: Lloyd Metcalf
Cover Design: Lloyd Metcalf
Publisher: Lloyd Metcalf Inc.
Page Count: 4
Available Formats: Folio/Card
Cost: $3 (The entire set of 6 different cards is $15)

The inhabitants of the region have to contend with things that go bump in the night. Every third full moon they sequester themselves in their homes for a period of time and only venture out to tend to the livestock. Why? They have the best farmland in the region. It’s the price they pay. This short adventure presents a situation for characters to venture into the barrow mound of that which haunts the area.

The card stock used is the same stock they use for greeting cards. It has a glossy finish coat that helps to protect and provide extended durability. The colors are bright, but not overly so. The art piece…

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