GammaNera. Mining Gamma World for awesome Cyphers & Artifacts.

So the other day I was cleaning out my game room. As I was moving some boxes around I stumbled on a stack of cards from a game I have not touched in literally years. Gamma Worlds 4E


Leaky Fusion Rifle LV.8

Now truth be told not many people loved the new version of Gamma World. I for one was an odd duck and thought that with a few tweaks the game was pretty solid for a digest sized version of my old love. One of the most interesting things about Gamma world 4E were the cards.

Like 4E D&D they had cards that worked much like encounter powers. Often these were pieces of equipment but there were plenty of mutation cards as well. Likely the biggest failing for the cards in Gama World 4E was two-fold.

They were sold in MTG Booster style random card packs. Not the smartest move for a Tabletop RPG. This had three huge negative affects on the majority of the players of the game. Most saw it as a money grab. Completest’s were upset that they needed to buy so many extra packs to get the whole set. Lastly there were a small number that did buy the cards and either gave up out of frustration at getting multiples or  decided the cards were  not worth the cost. Overall it was a failed venture.


DO6 Robotic Companion Lv. 4

Now one thing you notice when you take a look at these Gamma World Cards is they are much like Cypher’s and Artifacts! I quickly noticed that without much difficulty at all I could take any number of these cards and slap them on over to be used in Numenera!

So I pulled up a card creator program and decided to hack a few cards and make them into usable Numenera Cyphers for my games. I think the results turned out very well. It just so happened that all the cards I whipped up after I did this article turned out to be Artifacts. But there are plenty of examples that could be cyphers as well.

2015-12-14 12.41.05Maruader Armor

Also with a stack of nearly 200 cards. Including all types of armor, equipment, Tech and Mutations. There is a lot here to draw from.

So take a look at the results and let me know if you think this is something that  you would be interested in seeing more of ?


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