WOTC shutting down All forums.

That’s right today Wizards of the Coast announced they will be shutting down of their Forums. Anyone that has any content or wishes to archive anything from the forums has a few days to move because as of October 29 10 AM PT they will shut down their forums and delete them.  You can read the news HERE.

Thus far the reactions have been mixed from what I have seen. Many understand it, many would rather not see them go. With things like Redit and Enworld there are many other forums out there that the gaming community can gather in. But it just seems odd that with product as large as MTG and the constant influx of card releases that you would shut down that board as well.

We will see what they have planed. I for one did not use much in the way of either of their forums so I can not say that it affects me one way or the other.

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