Kickstarter Watch Spellbook Gaming Boxes

Well it looks like I came back to the fold just in time for some awesome Kickstarter news. No sooner do I sit town to take a look at KS and I find these lovely things. Spellbook Gaming Boxes. DAMN. I always seem to be on an eternal quest for the perfect game box. And here is another group that has likely hit a home run for their efforts.

e1216d3759867999dbc8dcd0f33dec04_originalThese boxes are simple useful and beautiful. I think best of all is the idea of foam inserts for further customization. I have my eye on these books for just that reason. I could make a box insert for each game that requires different tools of the trade.  A SW insert with space for Bennies, card box for my Cypher System Games, or a dice tray for D&D. These would also be a wonderful box for any Magic the Gathering Player. I love the idea of the versatility. As well as am surprised with the number of dice boxes I have made myself over the yeas I had not considered this myself.

The crafting looks simply lovely and this box is high on my to get list. Their Kickstarter is here and the project is already more than funded. Swing on by and give this project a look. I think you will be as impressed as I am by what they have to offer.

Spellbook Gaming Boxes


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