Have a Cup of the Force!

r2-d2-1-wantWho here doesn’t like to start their morning off right with a nice hot-pot of coffee. Yeah I said pot not cup. Because I am not a coffee lightweight. I take my morning brew serious! Even with all the power of a good cup of coffee in the morning sometimes I still feel I need a little extra push to get up and on the go. So why not add a bit of the force to your next cup with this ridiculously awesome R2D2 French Press!

I have seen a lot of Star Wars morning things and I can only collect so many star wars cups. But I have a secret. I collect coffee makers. It’s a slowly growing obsession. But I love cool Add to steam punk looking pour over makers and French Presses. So this little droid has got my attention in a big way.

If you like him as much as I do, may the force be with you and head on over to ThinkGeek and jump in on the Pre Order train with the rest of us.

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