Mythical Monstrosities

The Ogre

Smallest of the giants kin but still towering at nine to ten foot tall the ogre is very impressive. Ogre's like their giant relatives come in many shapes and sizes. But all have a few things in common. Nearly all ogre have a skin tone ranging from yellows to browns. With the exception of the… Continue reading The Ogre

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More from the DMG!

Well here is another round-up of the sneak peeks from the upcoming DMG !  I missed out on the post they tossed up while I was at the conventions but with today's update I will get everything back up to speed.  So here we go with this round-up. I think we might see one more… Continue reading More from the DMG!

Mythical Monstrosities


Oh The Manticore One of my favorite creatures of myth and legend. Also always a very enjoyable creature to throw out on the table come game time.  The Manticore starts off in Persian legend.The image of this beast was considered a mark of evil by many right up until the early 1900s and is to… Continue reading Manticore

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More Sneak Peeks ! Tech and Tables of Contents !

So they burst the 50K charity wall and now we get the goodies for it ! The last wave of Sneak Peeks coming our way! The Table of Contents and Firearms and Alien TECH ! This guy is doing a happy dance because he has Firearms in his world. So here we go ! And… Continue reading More Sneak Peeks ! Tech and Tables of Contents !

Table Topics

Magic Items and Artifacts oh My!

With the latest round of the extra life charity coming out WoTC has released a new sneak peek and this time its Artifacts ! Note: the next unlock is Firearms and Alien Tech! If they hit 45,000 ! Cool rewards for a Great Charity ! So here we have a first look at D&D5E artifact… Continue reading Magic Items and Artifacts oh My!

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Game on the cheep Papercraft Terrain !

These weeks were hitting paper craft Terrain. Most of them cheep, Some not so much. And when used well can pair well with DF or other High end Terrain. Rest assured that the latter is not cheep. There are plenty of types of paper Terrain out there for the gamer on the cheep. You can find… Continue reading Game on the cheep Papercraft Terrain !

Mythical Monstrosities


Oh our scaly little friends of the ages. Just about anyone who has ever rolled the dice in a game of D&D has cut their teeth at some point against Kobolds. Surprisingly these little scaly humanoids have changed very little over the years. One of the few things that has changed over the years has… Continue reading Kobolds