The Ogre

Smallest of the giants kin but still towering at nine to ten foot tall the ogre is very impressive. Ogre’s like their giant relatives come in many shapes and sizes. But all have a few things in common. Nearly all ogre have a skin tone ranging from yellows to browns. With the exception of the Ogre Mage with a more blue to brown shade. It is the rare ogre with any knowledge of hygiene. Often you will smell an ogre long before you will see it. Yet the one things stronger than the stench of an ogre is the strength of an ogre. They are Incredibly strong.  To add to their immense strengths many ogres are barbarians. Making them true whirlwinds of destruction to everything and everyone in their path.
The saving grace when facing ogre’s is most are nearly as dull and dimwitted as they are foul-smelling. Giving many adventures the advantage of quick thinking and surprise to even the odds when dealing with one or more of these creatures. Ogre’s are easily tricked and can also be bribed rather easily. If one can keep them from flying into a rage of anger the battle is already won half the battle.
Most all ogre’s are driven by greed. Be it food, gold or power.  Most ogres view power differently then most. Power to an ogre is often in the form of troops and minions that he can bully and assert his dominance over. As Dumb and greedy as ogre’s may be they are smart enough to know a hopeless fight and are more than willing to cower and grovel for mercy in hopes to be spared or serve as a brute for such an entity. Many powerful beings have numerous ogre’s lead by the most powerful of the bunch that they use as shock troops. In combat they are used to weaken hardened targets or overwhelm foes with raw force. Even though ogres crave power it is rare they are given a position of leadership because of their temper and lack of sound judgment.
Most ogre’s wear no armor preferring to drape themselves in the hides of what remains of their victims. Trusting in their mass and strength to protect them from serious injury. Few ogre will actually don armor and or shield and these can prove true terrors on the field of battle. An armored ogre in battle is a walking tank of rage. Ogres prefer weapons of brute strengths. Clubs, Maces, Hammers or a half eaten foe.  Ogres that do have weapons maintain them less often than they do their own bodily hygiene.

Here’s a quick little side encounter that your party could easily have with an ogre.
Whats for Dinner?


The adventures traveling along a wooded country side road on the way to their next adventure see a large plum of smoke like what would be from a large bonfire or something of that size. As they approach they see 1 or more ogres depending on the groups level in a camp style set up. They have a tent the size of a small circus tent set up off the side of the road and two large cages with people stuffed into them. The Ogres are in the process of breaking up a wagon and building the fire higher. One of the ogres is busying himself prepping the oxen for the fire and another is digging through the goods that were dumped out of the wagon when they began to set up the fire.

Where they PC’s go from there is up to you. I hope you enjoy this and all my other blogs feel free to leave a comment.

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