Product Spotlight: HG3D – Cellar Door – Raghaven Collection

Continuing the spotlight feature some cool and simple 3d Prints that are out there to be found today I picked Hobgoblin 3D Cellar Door. Hobgoblin-3D  has a huge collection of 3D prints that you can pick up at DTRPG. I like the cellar door as it is a simple print and surprisingly out of the many entrances that I have in my collection of doors. This happens to be one that I have never seen.


Publisher: Hobgoblin-3D
Price: $2.99
Link: DTRPG 3D Print Cellar Door

Hobgoblin-3D is proud to present to you the Cellar Door from the Raghaven Hamlet Collection. This 3D Printed terrain piece has been digitally sculpted, scaled to fit 28mm systems and optimized for Home Use 3D Printing.

One of our core focuses is to provide an affordable entry level into 3D Miniatures and Terrain. Meaning after a one time purchase, the product will be yours to download and print out as many times as your printer can handle. As a result, saving you both time and money

Inside the pack, you will find an.STL file, our product T&Cs, and an in-depth instruction manual. Providing you with print settings, recommended materials and a construction guide (if applicable) below.


Tabletop Crafting Project: Laser Puzzle

As a Game Master that uses terrain in my tabletop RPG games, I am constantly on the lookout for good items that I can pick up and turn into something else. My preferred hunting grounds is the flea market and several of the thrift stores locally nearby to my home. Often while out and about I fail to find anything. But from time to time I find a gem like this one.

This Mother’s Day weekend I was making the rounds and just as I was beginning to think that nothing was going to be found for another week I found a rare gem for the crafting. Khet 2.0 the Laser board game. For a whopping $3 bucks. Well, if you have never played Khet let me tell you straight off. Many crafters out there that have played Khet are cringing at the thought of me crafting these pieces for an RPG game.

The way Khet comes with several pieces and a play board, the Pieces consist of several Pyramid mirrors, Anubis blockers, as well as scarab 2, sided mirrors and your sphinx laser. There is one other piece in this game is the pharaoh. This is your king. The concept of the game is simple, you fire your laser and bounce it off the mirrors on the board in an effort to strike the other opponent’s pharaoh and win the game. There are more rules to it than that but that is the general theme. Overall it’s a great game and if you have the chance to give it a try I highly recommend it.

Now, like I said I picked this game up for $3 bucks, and the reason it was sold for so low is it was missing one piece and the play board. SO, with that said it was home to the craft bin from this game for me. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I was going to do with these pieces.

Years ago I had run a demo game of D&D at a mini-convention I helped run called Gathering in the Park. One thing I did that day was a physical puzzle that my players need to solve before they could move on from one section of the dungeon. The puzzle was basic but fun for all the players to solve. They needed to aim a laser and bounce it off a series of 4 mirrors to strike a door and make it open Ala Indiana Jones style. Back then I used a   plain non-fantasy looking set from a game called laser deflector to accomplish this. It did not look pretty but it accomplished the job.

So, with theses Egyptian tokens on hand I set about wanting to make them look more fitting for dungeon delving play. So, I pulled out the painter’s tape and began the task of covering up all the mirrors and the Laser portal. See Khet fans, you can breathe easy I have every intention of leaving these pieces 100% playable. After all, I need them to work to allow my players a to properly solve my puzzle!

Once properly taped up I set to putting a fine layer of primer on the pieces. Once dried I whipped out my secret stone texturing weapon, stone effect spray paint. This can be a tricky job as if these types of paints can clump or spray with an inconsistent watery texture if you are not careful. Always spray from about 12-14 inches away and pre-spray a sample shot to make sure your paint is ready. Once all your precautions are taken its time to get underway. After two layers of light mist, I had the desired result. I let the paint dry overnight.

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My finishing touches on this project was to take the Anubis blockers and set a gem in each of their eyes. I did not have small enough gems to make the pharaoh look right so I decided at least for now not to add gems to his eyes. The results speak for themselves and I am happy with the results. What do you all think? Did I improve on the set or ruin it? In the grand scheme of things I only improved on it as they will see far more use in my home like this then they would have as they were. I hope you enjoyed this little crafting session. Until next time!

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Game on the cheep Papercraft Terrain !

These weeks were hitting paper craft Terrain. Most of them cheep, Some not so much. And when used well can pair well with DF or other High end Terrain. Rest assured that the latter is not cheep. There are plenty of types of paper Terrain out there for the gamer on the cheep. You can find Site after site of the stuff if you spend the time. And quite a few of these sites at least offer you free samples to download and print on the spot. The goal here today is to show that its cheap and easy to do a lot more at your table then use a battle mat. 
RPG’s are mental game. We envision all of the action with our minds eye with the help of the players at the table and the descriptions of or GM’s. Battle Mat’s help us visualize where the action is taking place in our games. But When you can take that battlefield and lift it up off the table and it begins to take shape in 3D. It takes things to a new level. If you have never used 3D terrain at your game table. After reading this PLEASE! Hit one of the links following and just print a few walls out and try it at your table to see your groups reaction.

The Best part about Paper Terrain products is cost. With the overhead being printer ink and the initial PDF products you purchase. The only other cost descision you will have to make is how sturdy of paper do you want to print them on. Cheep paper will save you money. But Thick heavy well stored card  stock can last you years. I have pieces in my collection that are close to a dozen years old. The best part about printable papercraft terrain is once you own it. You can print out as much as you need. And at a tremendously cheaper cost when compared to products like Dwarven Forge.
If you are in the process of starting a growing collection of Dwarven Forge Papercraft Terrain can complement it well as your collection grows to fit your needs. I myself have done this and continue to do this often. to very good effect. Below I  used a combination of Dwarven Forge, D&D Tiles and TerraClips High end paper products To make this layout.
302633_208835879175709_4845691_n  317618_208835895842374_6038060_n


This said you can stick with just papercraft and get some wonderful results as well with products like Fat Dragon Games or World works seen below. Fat Dragon being far Cheaper than World work TerraClips products. Note that Fat Dragon is Print it yourself and TerraClips comes printed on heavy card stock.
DSCN1890   cwu11

So where can you get your hands on some of this stuff you ask. Well welcome to the internet there are so many places you can get these wonderful toys!  First off for the gamer on the cheep I would hit the following links.  And this is just a few to get you started !

For your modern games here are a couple of links to get you started here.

Fat Goblin Games has a nice starter selection to get you started with both fantasy and Sci-Fi Terrain here:

And over here at the Grinning Skull blog you will find a veritable cornucopia of paper craft for free that will keep you busy far longer then you will need to be.