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Well here is another round-up of the sneak peeks from the upcoming DMG !  I missed out on the post they tossed up while I was at the conventions but with today’s update I will get everything back up to speed.  So here we go with this round-up. I think we might see one more of these come down the pipe before it hits the shelves.



Right out the gate Let me say YES ! Thank you. Stats for Eladrin and Aasimar ! I know they come from goodie goodie stock.. but why is it that Tieflings are playable races straight up in the PHB. But The Good races were no were to seen.  It is nice to see this addressed in the upcoming book. I also like the fact that there are rules for custom building races. This for DM’s like me is welcome news for my home-brew world.

dmg-npc1    dmg-npc2


I like this set of pages here on NPC. This is a good little tool. Not all GM’s are good at adding personality to their NPC’s And in a pinch even good GM’s often can use a quick table like these to round out the personality of the people in the world that your group encounters. Also that ART ! How often do you get that good of a look at Beholder snacks !

And lastly we have more Magic Items.

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dmgmi (1)

Always the fan of Magic Items It’s nice to see a deeper look into the treasures that are out there to be had. Not to mention that the I have always wanted an Apparatus of Kwalish.  We also have received a good look at a few of the magic item tables and By the looks of it we will see all of our favorite old school magic items ! I mean Really Why is this book not out yet !
villain1  villains2

And we wrap up the pages they have shown us thus far with a glimpse at the Evil Domains and Villainous Class options.

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